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Cooking Oil And Ghee at Cheap Price In Bangladesh 

Oil is essential for cooking food. But it is important that the oil should be healthy. The healthier the cooking oil, the better it will be for the body. So it is important to choose a good oil for cooking. Ghee is also an oily nutrient. There is nothing tastier than hot rice with pure ghee. Keeping in mind the needs of the buyers, has come up with a huge collection of pure oil and ghee online. To order, visit today and order oil or ghee as per your demand.

Edible Oils and Fats

Edible oils and fats are basically similar substances. The substance that is liquid at normal temperature is called oil, and the substance that is liquid semi-solid or solid is called fat. These oils or fats are compounds of polyunsaturated, single-unsaturated, or monounsaturated fatty acids. However, vegetable oils do not contain cholesterol, but animal oils do. For this reason, vegetable edible oil is good for health, but animal oil is quite harmful.

Selection of Edible Oil In Different Countries

Since oil is widely used in cooking in our country, so it is better to choose a suitable edible oil for cooking. The same oil can never be suitable for all the countries of the world. Because the food habits of people in different countries are different. Suitable cooking oil should be selected according to the eating habits of the country.

In developed countries, eggs, milk, fish, meat, etc. are usually consumed in large quantities so the oil that would be suitable for them would never be suitable for a poor country like Bangladesh. And the habit of most people in our country is to cook once a day, eat at noon and at night and heat the food while eating.

Edible oils that are high in unsaturated fatty acids are not suitable for our cooking. This is because repeated heating of oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids can lead to the production of various unhealthy substances such as ketones, HNEs, polymers, aldehydes, etc. which are harmful to the body.

Suitable Cooking Oil For Us

The habit of the people of our country is to eat food cooked over high heat. Cooking at high temperatures breaks down oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids and produces a variety of unhealthy substances. That is why it is useful for our country to have edible oil that will be stable at high temperatures and which will not spoil even if heated repeatedly. Oils rich in such properties are palm oil, mustard oil, almond oil, etc. On the other hand, edible oils rich in multi-unsaturated fatty acids such as corn oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, etc. are suitable for cooking at low temperatures, but unsuitable for cooking at high temperatures.

The ideal oil for cooking is olive oil. It contains 14% of saturated fatty acids, only 10% of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and 6% of single-unsaturated fatty acids. Its saturated fatty acids are manifoldly resistant to oxidation. So many people who want to live a healthy life are using olive oil in cooking.


The word ghee comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Ghrita’, which literally means to brighten. Ghee has been considered as a medicine in Ayurveda. Ghee provides healthy fats, which help keep the liver and body's immune system healthy. So ghee is much safer than oil. However, because ghee is a bit expensive, it is not possible for everyone to use ghee in cooking.

The biggest advantage of ghee is that it has a very high boiling point, it can be heated to a temperature of 250 degrees centigrade, where most of the oils become harmful when heated to this temperature. So many people use ghee in cooking. Ghee increases the secretion of biliary lipids and reduces the amount of cholesterol present in the blood and intestines. Ghee is quite beneficial for heart patients.

Ghee contains butyric acid. This acid enhances digestion and the body's resistance to disease.

Other Cooking Oils

In addition to soybean oil and olive oil, there are other oils that are good for cooking. Such as- sunflower oil, avocado oil, palm oil, mustard oil, almond oil, rice bran oil, linseed oil, etc. are notable. 

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