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Face Shield  & Safety Helmet at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

In this unusual situation in Bangladesh, we want to get rid of the germs by following the precautionary and strict health rules. It also requires some self-defense safety equipment that is a small effort to prevent disease. So, go to the ajkerdeal website and browse through the essential category to find some convenient items.

Face Shield Is Considered As An Anti-Pollution Product

Anti-pollution products are used to prevent disease and for health awareness. In addition, anti-pollution products are based on a number of things, such as pesticides and insecticides, which are used to protect against annoying insects and various diseases. Similarly, the face shield helps to cover the face from various types of dust and germs.

Protective Face Shield

The face shield referred to protects the entire face from any harmful elements on the outside. Face Shield shows the view crystal clear from outside and Light Face Shield protects nose, eyes, mouth from any droplets, viruses, germs, germs, dust, polluted air outside. The Face Shield easily fits anyone's face of any size.

Safety Face Helmet Accessories 

We know that the Safety helmet is considered as a protective accessory which is generally used for personal protection during the workplace or any other individual work. Some people are mostly used in industrial working environments like mining, power, construction, and forestry. But nowadays it can be used as protecting the face from invisible germs attacks.

Face Shield Considered as Safety Helmet

Face shield is now considered as the main PPE product that protects the impact of falling an object from above, by resisting blows to the head, and also protects from accidental risk of many kinds of germs and dust. 

Products Of  Face Shield & Others PPE Accessories 

If you are looking for some essentials safety items for your daily life purpose then browse ajkerdeal site and get your suitable products. We provide an impressive collection of PPE equipment of protective and safety face mask, safety goggle, safety PPE set, hand sanitizers etc. 

“PPE Equipment of Face Shield Appropriate For Health Workers”

According to a study in Bangladesh, the health workers of the hospital are under severe mental stress for fear of attacking their family members. And so instead of financial incentives, they want appropriate PPE - coronavirus-resistant clothing and other equipment.

Buy Safety Face Shield Accessories From Ajkerdeal Website

If You are looking for a window shop in personal protective equipment of a variety of PPE equipment then browse our site. You can find anti-pollution essential safety products with a lot of collection in essentials categorized products, such as- Surgical face mask, hand sanitizer, Safety Helmet, Safety Eyewear and washable PPE equipment set etc.

Transparents Face Eyes Protector Safety Shield

This type of full face anti droplets and anti fog dust proof face shield protective cover is suitable for both men and women. This face shield is perfect for face and eyes. It can oil-splash proof when cooking, dust-proof when you are cleaning house or other usage. There are advantages of the feature in Washable quality and reusable too. If you want you can clean it with water or disinfect with disinfectant spray.

Safety Face Helmet 

We offer for you an extensive range of Safety Helmet of face shield which is based on diversified color and model that provide you safety as well as protection. A face safety shield consists of some features in Resist penetration, it can be easy to wear and mostly comfortable to wear. 

Helmet With Light For Safety Use

Our site gives you the best quality of Safety Helmet which is based within included Light. This type of helmet is usually used for general use. This helmet is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

Suitable For Different Head Shapes Of Face Shield

The face shield protects the entire face from any harmful elements on the outside. This face shield is crystal clear and light face shield protects nose, eyes, mouth from any droplets, viruses, germs, germs, dust, polluted air outside. If you want, you can easily adapt to any size face with this face shield.


Lightweight and fast, easy to operate Wide coverage and safety protection face shield. It has transparent lens PE material and frame is made of high quality PC material. It can work delicately, prevent all kinds of Lampblack splash, and protect the face. It can easily be disassembled and assembled, and can replace the protective cover. Suitable for home, travel, laboratory and other places.