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Water purifiers and air purifiers are two most important devices in modern life. You can now buy water and air filter on ajkerdeal on EMI. Water filter is a device that filters out all unnecessary elements from water. The main purpose of purifying water is for drinking. Air purifier also does a similar job. It filters out the micro dust particles from air. You can buy both on EMI on

Water Filter:

The main job of a water filter is to clean water. This process is also known as filtration. The filtration process can be done in several ways. It can be done in physical process, chemical process or organic process. For different method the purifier has to be made differently. Some of the popular water purifiers are,

RO Purifier:

Reverse Osmosis or RO in short is the most popular and widely used purification system. By this method you can filter the germ, dissolved salt, dissolved metals etc. OR purification uses membrane technology to purify the water. The membrane separates the germs and dissolved salt or chemicals from water. The membrane has very fine holes in it which only allows the water to pass through it and leaving the harmful materials behind. The Ro filter alters the taste a little and it may filter some of the important minerals of water. You can find some best RO filters on ajkerdeal and you can buy them on monthly EMI offer.

UF Purification:

Ultra purification or UF is a similar method to Ro purification. It also purifies using membrane. But UF membranes have a bit bigger hole in it than RO membrane. The UF filter filters out the small or micro particles or any pathologic germs. The UF filter physically filters out the germs, bacteria and other small particles. It cannot purify the dissolved chemicals from the water. These filters are good if the home water supply is not that much unclean. You can buy UF filters on ajkerdeal on simple EMI facility.

UV Purification:

UV purification or Ultraviolet purification method is probably the most effective and accurate filtration method. The system uses ultraviolet light to kill all the germs in water. A little mercury light placed inside the purifier creates short wave UV light that can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria from the water. Though it can kill the bacteria but the bodies of the dead bacteria and other particles remain in the water. It needs a different filter to remove these particles. UV filters are generally used in collaboration with other filters. You can find UV filters on ajkerdeal. You can buy them on a simple monthly EMI offer. 

Hot Cold Water Dispenser:

Water dispenser is like a container. It does not filter the water nor does anything. It just holds the water supply and pours it when the tap is opened. There are some electric dispensers which can supply cold and hot water. You can find hot cold water dispenser on ajkerdeal and you can buy them online on EMI.

Air Purifier:

Air filter is a device that removes any solid particles and bacteria from the air. In some filters there is a crystal that removes the bad smell from the air. Air filters are used in places where pure air is a priority like cars, aircraft, buildings, etc. The air filter purifies the air using micro fibers or porous materials. On ajkerdeal you will find some best quality air filters. You can also buy them on monthly EMI from

Why Ajkerdeal?

Ajkerdeal is the largest online shopping store of Bangladesh. It is not just an online shop; it is a way of life. Ajkerdeal family is consistently working on how to make your life easier and better. Water filter or air filter is very essential in our daily life. You do not buy them often but when you buy them we are here to make sure that you take the right decision before buying. Not only is ajkerdeal offering you a monthly EMI facility on these products. So do not think much visit and buy what you need on EMI and we will deliver it to your place within a few days.