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Buy Wrist Watch on EMI in BD

Wristwatches have become a very important part of our fashion and style. You can now buy a wristwatch on EMI in BD from ajkerdeal. Previously watches were used only as a time-telling device but now it has more functions. Wristwatches have become an inseparable part of our modern culture and fashion. The largest online shop in Bangladesh ajkerdeal has some great and cool collection of wristwatch. You can find automatic, digital, mechanical or smartwatch all on the same website. So, visit and choose a watch and place an order. You can now enjoy a monthly EMI on wristwatches on ajkerdeal.

Why do you need a wristwatch?

Wristwatch is a time-telling device. It is similar to a clock but very small. It is strapped or chained to the wrist. As it is worn on the wrist it got its name ‘Wrist Watch’ though the primary function of any watch is to tell time but now a wristwatch has more functions than just to tell time. Wristwatches have become the part of modern fashion. Wristwatches have been adapted by both males and females as a fashion choice. Wristwatches are very versatile. They can be worn with any kind of fashion and it will synchronize with the fashion. Besides, there are smartwatches and these watches are like a   strapped to your wrist. These watches can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. You can see your phone notifications on your watch. Some watch supports SIM and memory cards. In those phones you can receive or make calls, you can listen to music or even take pictures. Some smartwatch can also track your heartbeats or blood pressure. So, it is wise to have a wristwatch. You can now buy all kinds of wristwatches on ajkerdeal. So, visit our website and place an order. Your watch will be delivered to you within 2-3 days.

Automatic Watch:

Automatic watches do not need any external power to run. They have springs and gears that are interconnected and the kinetic energy powers the watch. These watches have three hands as usual. These are the most popular kinds of watch. They are considered to be the classic. The dial is usually made of metal and the straps are made of leather. You can find some of the best automatic watches on ajkerdeal and the best part is you can buy them on a monthly EMI.

Quartz Watch:

Quartz watches are mainly based on the radioactive material ‘Quartz’. It uses the pulse generated by quartz and the pulse then causes the hand of the watch to move. The quartz is powered by electricity and the electric current is provided by a small battery. You can find some best quartz watch on ajkerdeal and you can buy them on EMI from ajkerdeal.

Diver Watches:

As the name suggests, diver watches are for deep-sea divers. These watches are made in such a way that they can easily survive under the depth of the ocean. These watches are water-resistant up to 333 feet. Some of the diving watches have a magnetic compos for direction. The hands and the numbers on dial have a very fine layer of radium which laminates and help you know time in dark of the depth of the sea.

Sports Watches:

Sports watches are made for sportspersons. These watches have a stopwatch feature. They are generally digital. Sports watches are mostly made of heavy plastic or rubber. These watches are dustproof and waterproof. Sports watches are also very fashionable and cool looking. Ajkerdeal has a good collection of sports watches. So order now.

Digital Watches:

Digital watches are made with electronic microchips. It has a digital carbon display and the watch function is also operated digitally. The watch is powered by a small watch battery. They can be made of metal, plastic or sometimes custom. You can buy some of the best digital watches on ajkerdeal and you can buy them on monthly EMI.


Smartwatches have gained too much popularity over these years. Smartwatches have a multiple functions. They are like a mini-computer. They have a processor, LED screen; some of them have RAM and storage memory. You can sync your phone with a smartwatch and operate your phone with the watch and vice versa. You can monitor your heart bit, blood pressure, etc. with your phone. You can buy a smartphone on ajkerdeal and you can buy them on EMI as well. So, visit the website of ajkerdeal and see the collection of smartwatch and choose one. You just have to place an order and the rest is our job. We will deliver your watch to you within 2-3 working days. Be with ajkerdeal, the largest and most trusted online shop of Bangladesh and happy shopping.