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Buy Washing Machine on EMI in Bangladesh

Washing machines are very useful home appliance. You can have one from ajkerdeal on EMI. Washing machines are machines that are used to wash laundry or clothes. The machine is also known as laundry machine. The machine which uses water to clean clothes are called washing machine. Therefore, dry washers are not considered as washing machine. Modern washing machines have an additional feature of a dryer, which can dry the clothes up to 70% to 80%. 

Hand Washing

The modern washing machines were not developed until the 1940s. Before that people used to wash clothes by hand. Washing clothes was a very stressful for human body. People used to wash their clothes once or twice a week. Based on this problem washing man industry was evolved. Some people used to collect laundry from households and used to wash them. This industry had many problems. Many times clothes used to get misplaced or spoiled. But washing them home with hand was not easy as well. This problem became very severe until the 1940s when the modern washing machines were started to become popular.

Washing Machine in Bangladesh

In urban areas of Bangladesh people are getting more and busier. So they do not have the time to wash their clothes by hand. The detergent that is used in cloth washing are also very harmful for skin. So the popularity of a washing machine is going high day by day. It allows people to wash clothes without any hassle and it takes very less time as well. And the dryer dries the clothes up to 70% so using a washing machine has made people's life more easy and comfortable. On ajkerdeal you will find some of the best washing machines in Bangladesh. The price is also very much affordable. Besides that you can enjoy monthly EMI facility on ajkerdeal.

Manual Machine:

Manual washing machines are very low in price. But compared to their price, they do a great job. You have to operate a manual washing machine by yourself. You have to pour water into the washing chamber and put your clothes inside with enough washing detergent. And set the timer. After the washing is complete you have to drain the water and pour fresh water again and set the timer. After it finishes you have to repeat the process until the clothes are clean. Than you have to put your clothes inside the dryer and start the spin. After the spinning is done, you can dry the clothes further. Manual machines need a bit works but compared to hand washing, it is nothing. You can buy manual washing machine on EMI on So order one now for yourself and make your life easier.

Automatic Washing Machine:

Unlike the manual machine, automatic machine does not need to be operated. You just have to put your clothes and detergent and start the machine. An automatic machine has a sensor that controls the washing time and pours water and drain it. These machines are more user friendly and less time consuming. But similar to a manual machine, you have to put your clothes in the dryer manual. There is a large collection of manual washing machine on ajkerdeal. From that you can choose one according to your requirement and preferred size. Now you do not have to look at the price anymore because ajkerdeal is giving you a monthly EMI facility. By ordering online you also can enjoy the facility.


Dryer comes with almost every machine. But the commercial machines have separate dryers. The dryer does not actually make the cloth dry. It has a unique feature of spinning really fast. Dryer spins and squeezes the clothes so the water drops out from the clothes. And by doing this the dryer makes the actual drying process faster and easier. This added feature of washing machines has also played a great role in the popularity of washing machines.

Buy Washing Machine Online in BD

Ajkerdeal has the collection of your almost every daily need. You will find all of the products that you might need in a day under one umbrella. Ajkerdeal has a large collection of washing machine. You can watch, evaluate the price of the washing machine in BD and order. Placing an order online will qualify you to enjoy the monthly EMI offer on ajkerdeal. So do not think much, visit and order one with EMI offer.