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Buy Photocopy Machine on EMI in Bangladesh

Ajkerdeal has a great collection of photocopy machines. The good news is you can buy a photocopy machine on EMI in BD from ajkerdeal. If you are looking for a photocopy machine for your business or office than ajkerdeal is the best place to look at. Here you will find some of the best photocopiers and you can buy them on a monthly EMI from ajkerdeal. So, visit our website and place an order to enjoy the EMI offer of ajkerdeal.

What is a Photocopy Machine?

Any machine or device that makes a copy of a text or graphics with the help of light, chemicals, heat or electricity is called photocopy machine or photocopier. The modern office photocopier uses the method called ‘Xerography’ and that is why sometimes the photocopy also known as xerox copy. The xerography uses the electricity and light to create copy. Here the original document is placed on a glass upside down. And the cover is closed. When you press the copy button, a light passes through the paper and creates an imitation. The imitation than placed on the toner drum and negatively charged ink particle is placed on the toner. A positively charged plate is placed under a fresh paper and the plate attracts the negatively charged ink toner and the text or graphics are placed on the paper. The whole process takes less than 10 seconds.  

Which copier should you buy?

There are different types and kinds of photocopier based on its use. Which photocopy machine you should buy is dependent on your purpose. The types and uses of the photocopier are described below.

Mono Copier:

Mono means one. Mono copier uses one color ink toner mostly black. These copiers are mostly and widely used in IT support shops, offices, schools or colleges. They come in different sizes and speeds. These copiers can copy up to 100 pages per minute. They are also available in duplex mode. Duplex copiers can copy both sides of a page at a time.

Color Copier:

Color copiers are used in business and graphics designing purposes. In a color copier, there are four ink toner. Three primary colors Cyan, Yellow and Magenta and one Black. Color copier performs the xerography process for every toner drum and can create any color using these 4 toners with the right proportion. Because the copier uses 4 toner drum, the size of the machine is a bit bigger than usual.

Network Copiers:

Network copiers can be used with any private network. Usually, these copiers are used in office for remote printing, fax or scanning. These copiers have a network card inbuilt. It does not need any connection cable. Only power cable is needed and nothing else.

Multifunction Copiers:

These copiers are widely used in offices. These copiers do not only copy they also can print and scan. Sometimes they have USB inputs. With these inputs, you can make a print or save a scanned copy directly in a USB flash drive without any computer connected. 

Desktop Copiers:

Desktop copiers are much smaller in size. They are generally for home use only. They can only copy A4 and smaller sized documents. They usually do not have that much speed. These machines are easy to maintain and you can change the toner cartridge by yourself. 

Buy Copier on EMI from Ajkerdeal:

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