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Buy Laptop & Desktop on Monthly EMI

Laptops or computers are a part of our daily life. You can now buy a laptop or desktop computer on EMI on ajkerdeal. Laptop and desktop computers are basically the same. There is no difference in software or basic functions between laptop and desktop. But there is a huge difference in hardware and use. You can now have a laptop or desktop on ajkerdeal on EMI.


As the name suggests, the desktop is a computer which must be put on a desk. It contains separate parts which are to be put together and connected to run the computer. The main parts of the desktop computer are monitor, casing, mouse, keyboard, speakers, printers, UPS and more. The casing contains some internal components. Casing contains a power supply that supplies the power into the computer. There is a circuit board called motherboard or mainboard. Motherboard connects all of the internal components of a computer with each other. On motherboard there is the processor. Processor is also known as central processing unit or CPU. CPU does all of the arithmetic calculations of a computer. There is a CPU cooling fan on top of the CPU. Mainboard contains RAM, SATA, audio ports, front panel and more. There are a lot of desktop computers based on their activity.

Personal Computer:

Personal computers or PC in short are for personal and home use. These computers usually do not have high configurations. They are for personal and home purpose. These computers have lighter hardware and to support this they also have lighter software. There are home edition of almost every software. Such as Windows home edition, Office home edition etc. these computers are cheaper and ideal for word press, internet browsing, movies and music. You can buy a PC on ajkerdeal on monthly EMI.

Gaming Computer:

These computers are made for high end gaming. Computer games are very powerful in modern times. They need high definition graphics, strong and large memory, strong power supply, faster internet connection and faster transfer rate. A gaming computer has all these facilities. They come with graphics card, powerful processor, high memory and faster storage device. To have a better gaming experience, you also need to have an HD monitor and good quality sound system. You can have all these as one package on ajkerdeal and the most exciting news is that you can have a gaming PC on EMI offers. So do not think, go to and order one now.

Special Computers:

There are some special computers for special purposes. And all of them have different built in and configuration. For example there is graphics designing computer. These computers are for graphics designing. They have all the accessories and components for graphics design. There are recording computers. These computers are for sound and music recording and they are made that way. On ajkerdeal you will find PC components and accessories on simple EMI offer and can build your own PC for your special purpose.


The software or operation of a laptop is very much different than a desktop computer. Laptops are made for being portable, compact and easy to take anywhere. The hardware of a laptop is different. They do not have separate parts. Laptop is like a notebook and every hardware of it is compact in it. There are various kinds of laptops depending on the use. 


These laptops are also known as ultra-thin, ultraportable or ultrabook. These laptops are very thin in size and they contain a very little weight than a regular laptop. The main purpose of these laptops is to be used as an extra portable device. Because of their lightweight and slim figure, they can be taken anywhere. You can buy these laptops on EMI offer on ajkerdeal.

Everyday Computer:

These laptops are smaller and more compact version of personal computer. They are built to be used in everyday tasking. They also come with the home version of the software. Just like PCs, they are ideal for home use, word press, internet browsing, movies and music. You can find one for you on and can buy it online using the monthly EMI offer.

Business Laptops:

The key feature of these laptops is, they have a strong processor to support the office application. These laptops also have faster WiFi connection, better LAN connection and most important thing is that they have longer battery backup. There is a large collection of business laptops on You can buy one for yourself online on a simple monthly EMI system.

Gaming Laptop:

These laptops are the most powerful personal laptops. To support games they have HD graphics card, high system memory, solid state drive or SSD which gives the laptop an extra boost. The battery also has to be powerful to support all these components. Gaming laptops have multiple layers of cooling system. So, the extra heat generated by the graphics card and processor are blown out by the cooling system. You can find high configuration gaming laptops on and you can buy one on EMI offer.