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Buy Electric Oven/ Microwave Oven on EMI in Bangladesh:

Ovens are very useful and time saving device. You can now buy oven on EMI on Oven is a thermal chamber that is used for baking. It is also used for cooking. Oven has replaced the traditional stoves up to a level. There are two kinds of oven, electric and microwave. Both are used for different purposes and have different functionality.

What is an Oven?

In ancient time oven were used to roast and bake foods. They used to make a pit and light fire in that pit and put the food inside and close the top. The use of oven was around from 29,000 BC. The Greeks then developed the oven and used it as a bread baking device. The Greeks were the first to use a front-loading oven. They started to bake bread in many sizes and shapes and started to serve them with other foods. These breads become very popular and it became a new trade. People started took baking as a profession. In mid-ages oven went through many changes. From earth and ceramic, they were replaced by coal, wood, iron, gas even electric. Each design was made to serve a different purpose. In recent times ovens are made using more technology. Microwave and the electric oven has taken over now. 

Ovens in Bangladesh:

Ovens have been used in Bangladesh for many years now. They are mostly used to bake or rewarming the food. People of our country is not using oven as a main cooking device yet. There are a lot of brands available now in Bangladeshi market. People are using them in home, office and restaurants. Because of globalization, people of our country have been introduced to some new dishes and to make those dishes, oven is a must. So the use and purchase of oven has increased. There are two main types of ovens that are popular now. Electric and microwave. You can find both on ajkerdeal and order them to enjoy the monthly EMI facility.

Electric Oven:

Electric ovens are powered by electricity and they use a heating coil to heat up. They are front loading oven. They are similar to the old earth ovens. Unlike the earth oven, they do not need any coal or fire. They convert electrical energy into thermal energy. They are best for baking. You can bake bread, cake, biscuits in it. They also come with grill accessories. You can now make grill at your home. They are a good choice for a less time consuming meal. You can find electric ovens of various sizes and brands on ajkerdeal. Order now and enjoy the monthly EMI offer. 

Microwave Oven:

Microwave oven is also known as microwave. It is powered by electricity and it cooks or heat ups the food using electromagnetic radiation in the form of microwave. The microwave uses the molecules inside the food to move and generate thermal energy and heat up. The process is also known as dielectric heating. Because of heating from inside, it holds the nutrients of food intact. Microwave is easy and fast. You can make grill, pizza, and bread with just a push of a few buttons. Microwaves are being vastly used in kitchens of our country. It also consumes less electricity than an electric oven. It has replaced the electric ovens. There are various sizes and capacities of microwaves. You will find some of the best microwave ovens on ajkerdeal.  And you can enjoy the monthly EMI facility on So order one online and enjoy the EMI offer.

Pizza Oven:

Pizza ovens are specially made to bake pizza. The traditional Italian pizza ovens are like a pit full of burning coal. But the modern pizza ovens are similar to electric oven. The pizza ovens are large in shape and they are for commercial use. You can bake multiple large size pizza simultaneously in one batch. As they are for commercial use, they consume a bit more electricity than a normal oven. If you are commercially making pizza, then you must have a pizza oven. On ajkerdeal you can buy pizza oven. To help you with your business, we are offering you a simple monthly EMI offer. With this offer you can buy an oven without thinking much. So do not think much, go to and order one and enjoy the EMI facility.