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Buy Musical Instruments on EMI in BD

Owning a musical instrument is a dream of every musician. You can now buy a musical instruments on monthly EMI. Any instrument that makes sound and used for producing music is called musical instrument. The use of musical instruments has gone high over the last few decades. The source of entertainment has increased and music has become popular and easy to get. There are a lot of online and offline platforms to share music which inspires young people take music as a career.


Musical Instruments in BD:

Bangladesh is known for producing the best rock and metal music in Asia from the late 70s many bands have introduced and developed the rock music industry in Bangladesh. Some of them are Uccharon, Soulse, Miles, Feedback, Renesa, LRB, Ark, Aurthohin, Warfaze and more. The music of these legendary bands have inspired many generations after. Some of the new and young bands are Black, Artcell, Nemesis, Vibe, Arbovirus, Bay of Bengal, Mechanix, Power Surge and more. These bands have inspired many young people of our country to pursue music. But the price of musical instruments is a bit high in our country. But that cannot stop you from dreaming. Ajkerdeal is here to help you fulfill your dream. You can buy musical instruments on monthly EMI on ajkerdeal.



Keyboards are a popular musical instrument. The structure and playing method is same as piano. But unlike the piano it makes sound electronically. A keyboard has a sound bank from where you can choose different sounds. There are two kinds of keyboards MIDI and live keyboard. MIDI keyboards do not have any sound bank of their own. You have to use it as a MIDI input to your computer or tab. MIDI keyboards are mainly used in recording studios but you can play live gigs with them by connecting them with a laptop or tab. On the other hand live keyboards have a sound bank and it is ideal for live gigs. You do not have to carry any laptop or tab with it. You can buy both kinds of keyboard on EMI from ajkerdeal. 

Acoustic Guitar:

Guitars are the most popular musical instrument among the new generation. Guitar is a string instrument which makes the sound by the vibration of strings. It has mostly 6 strings of different diameters. Acoustic guitars are made of wood and plywood. The body of an acoustic guitar is hollow and it amplifies the sound. Based on the strings, acoustic guitars are two kinds steel string and nylon strings. Both guitars are made differently and sound differently. On ajkerdeal you will find a large collection of acoustic guitar. You can choose one and place an order now. You can enjoy monthly EMI offer on acoustic guitars.

Electric Guitars:

Electric guitars are the same as the acoustic guitar with some major differences. The body of the guitar is not hollow. Electric guitars use a magnetic pickup to catch the vibration of string and an electric amplifier and loudspeaker to make the sound. Electric guitars also have 6 strings normally and the playing method and theory are the same as an acoustic guitar. You have the option to change or manipulate the sound of an electric guitar by using a multi effect processor or effect pedals. From the great collection of electric guitars on ajkerdeal you can choose one and buy. You can buy electric guitar on EMI now on ajkerdeal.

Bass Guitars:

Bass guitars are a kind of guitar that makes very low sound. It acts as a melody and rhythm instrument both. It simultaneously follows the melody of the music and sticks to the drums. Bass guitar plays a vital role in modern music. Generally it has four strings and it also uses magnetic pickups to catch the sound. The amplifier that is used for bass guitar is different and powerful. Unlike an electric guitar bass guitar has a stronger punch of sound. You can find a good collection of branded bass guitars on ajkerdeal. So do not think of anything. Visit and choose one for yourself and place an order. By placing an order online you can enjoy the EMI facility as well. 


Amplifiers are very important and must needed accessory for an electric or bass guitar player. You cannot play or practice with an electric guitar or bass guitar if you do not have any amplifier. Amplifiers are also called amp in short. There are various sizes of amp depending on its performance. To practice home or put up a great live show you must have an amp. You can control the volume, high, mid or low with an amp. You can find amplifire on ajkerdeal and you can enjoy the monthly EMI facility as well.


Violin is another kind of string instrument. It also has four strings. There is a bow with which the violin is played. The string of the bow and the string on the instrument make sound by fraction. And the player moves his hand and press on the string to change the length of the string thus the scale. Violin is a very fun and beautiful instrument to play and listen both. On ajkerdeal there is a great collection of the best violines. Go to and check them out and place an order. And it will be delivered to your place. And by ordering online you also can enjoy the monthly EMI facility.


Cajon or box drum is a percussion instrument that is used for beat. It is made with plywood and a chain is fit inside. The player uses his hand to play the cajon. It is a very popular instrument in Europe but in recent times it has been used by the musicians of our country. Many rock bands are using cajon during any unplugged program. It is also very effective for home jamming. The largest online shop ajkerdeal has a large collection of good quality cajon. Visit and find a cajon which suits you. You can order them online from ajkerdeal and enjoy the simple monthly EMI facility.