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Buy Metal Detector on EMI Offer Online in Bangladesh

Metal detector gates are a very important form of security. Now you can buy a metal detector gate on EMI from ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop in Bangladesh and it has almost everything that you need your whole life. Metal detector gates are a part of a security system the gate’s alarm will go off if someone tries to pass through it with any metal. 

What is a metal detector?

Anyone in Bangladesh who has gone to any big shopping mall or airport must be familiar with metal detector gates. This device is being used in many schools, colleges or universities or big events such as Bengali new year, concerts or sports events. The main behind a metal detector is based on famous physicist Clerk Maxwell’s law of electromagnet. He discovered that electricity and magnetism are related to each other. The law says that if you wrap a conductive wire coil around a metal and flow electricity through it the metal acts like a magnet or magnetism appears. Just like that, the metal detector gates creates a magnetic pulse and if you have any metal object with you when you are walking through it then the pulse is interfered by the metal and trigger the alarm to set off. The modern metal detector gates generate multiple magnetic pulse and this allows to locate the metal object that causing the alarm. They have been proven to be effective and safe.

Why do you need a metal detector gate?

The question should not be “Why you need a metal detector gate?” the question should be “Why do not you need metal detector gates?” metal detector gates have proven to be very effective and useful for us. Terrorism or any other kinds of attacks have decreased over the year because of these. You cannot just walk into a secure place with any metal object. Now you might be thinking that what about your phone or watch or a simple pen? A metal detector gate will alarm the security when any metal object is passed through. It will also pinpoint the location of that object then you have to show the object and give a proper explanation to bring it with you or they will not allow you. Now you phone or watch or even the metal coins in your wallets will be speared but any suspicious object will not be allowed such as knife, nail cutter or guns. Not only in airports or malls these gates also can be used in school, college or university. If you are an owner of any organization and concern about the security of your organization then you should consider a metal detector gate. You can now buy metal detector gates online from and the most exciting part is you can buy them on a simple monthly EMI system. So do not think much and visit our website, select the gate you want to buy and place an order.

XYT Metal Detector Gate:

These metal detector gates are very popular in our country the company is importing metal detector gates. They have several models available. In these gates, you will get an LCD screen. With the help of this screen, you can easily operate the machine. You can also control the machine remotely as it has an infrared remote control. The gate has a multiple pulse zone. So, it can pinpoint the source of interference and can give you perfect data. The gates have both sound alarm and LED alarm. The gate has 6 preset applications programs. It is self-diagnostic when it is turned on. The gate has network support and it as not harmful for the human body. You can now buy XYT metal detector gates on and by ordering online you can enjoy the simple monthly EMI facility as well.

ZKD Metal Detector Gates:

This is another well-known company of metal detector gates. These gates have multiple working pulse zones. It consumes low power and can work under 20oC to 50oC temperature. It has an LED screen and has both sound and light alarm. The gate can be operated by only authorized personals. It can be protected by password. You can now buy ZKD metal detector gates online on ajkerdeal. You can also enjoy the monthly EMI facility on these gates.