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Buy Furniture and Home Decor Accessories online with EMI:

We all need furniture for our home or office. You can now buy furniture and home decor on a simple monthly EMI on ajkerdeal. Furniture is any movable object to help daily human activity like sitting or sleeping. Furniture is also used for home decoration. Sometimes they symbolize religious views as well. Furniture can be made of many materials like wood, plastic, metal, plywood etc. there is a huge collection of furniture on ajkerdeal and the most exciting part is you can buy them on a monthly EMI.

Furniture Culture in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the fashion of furniture has evolved over the years. Previously people used bamboo furniture. Sofa, table even chairs were made of bamboo. Than the wood furniture trend came. People started to replace bamboo furniture with wood. Using wood furniture was a symbol of higher social class. The wood furniture trend ruled the furniture industry for years. Then the trend of plywood and metal came. People started to use the plywood table, desk, cupboard, etc. The cost of plywood is very less than wood and it gives a similar outlook as wood. So plywood becomes very popular. And because of the portability metal furniture like steel bed, steel chair has become very popular. In recent times the plastic furniture are getting popular. People are using plastic chair, table, wardrobe, cupboards etc.

Buy Furniture Online in BD

Ajkerdeal is the largest online marketplace. You will find your every daily needs on ajkerdeal. The collection of furniture on ajkerdeal is very elite and large. You will find some of the best furniture seller here. The designs and materials will make you fascinated. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, workplace any furniture you need, you will find them all on And the most important part is you can buy this furniture on simple EMI offer. So you do not have to worry about the budget. Just choose one and place an order now.

Wall Hanging Shelf:

On ajkerdeal you will find some great looking and great quality wall shelf. These shelves are made of plywood. They are well designed and durable. You will find shelf for your kitchen, living room or bedroom. On the kitchen shelf, you can keep your spoon or fork or cups hanging. It is also ideal to keep the spices. On the living room or bedroom shelf you can keep your books or decorate it with various showpieces. You can buy these beautiful shelves on ajkerdeal on simple EMI offer. So get one now and decorate your home differently.


Showcase is important furniture to have in every home. You do not want to keep your groceries unprotected. They can break anytime. The things that you use only for the guests or special occasion, you should keep them inside a showcase. By doing so you are not only keeping them safe but also decorating them well. On ajkerdeal you will find some strong, beautiful showcase for your home. These showcases are made of wood and are made in a great design that will protect and make your home look more elite. So, to enjoy the EMI offer order now on


Mirrors are common in every household. Though it was only used as a dressing or toiletries furniture to see you, but now the use of mirror has spread in many fields. People are now using mirror for home decoration as well. You will find some beautifully designed mirror on ajkerdeal. You can use them in your dressing room or even to decorate your home. These mirrors are framed with wood or cane. So visit and choose one for your bedroom or living room. You can buy them on EMI as well.


Beds are needed in every house. It must be a comfortable one on which you can sleep or take a rest. If you do not have a comfortable and strong bed, it might bother your sleep and may not let you concentrate on anything else. If you are planning to change your bed or buying a new one than ajkerdeal is the right place for you. Here you will find some of the best beds. You will find wooden and metal bed both. So, login to and find a comfortable and good looking bed for you.

Dining Set:

The furniture that you use in your dining room is available on ajkerdeal. You can find some beautiful tables made of wood, glass or metal. These tables are not only good looking but also durable. By owning a table like this, your dining room will get to a whole new level. With dining table you need chairs as well. Ajkerdeal has a great collection of dining chair as well. These chairs are as comfortable as good looking. By matching with your table you can buy chairs as well. You can buy all these things on monthly EMI on ajkerdeal.


A beautiful sofa sets increases the beauty of your living room. When guests come, the first thing they experience is the sofa. You should have a beautiful yet comfortable sofa set for your living room. On ajkerdeal you will get a great collection of comfortable and good looking sofa. So do not think much, order now from the huge collection and enjoy the EMI facility.

Other Furniture:

On ajkerdeal you will find wooden, plywood or plastic wardrobe. These wardrobes are well designed and durable. You can keep your clothes in it and it will keep them in good gesture and protect them as well. Almirah is also a very important piece of furniture. You can use it for various purposes. You can use it to keep clothes, files, important and precious things and more. On ajkerdeal you will find a great collection of Almirah that you can use for many purposes. These almirahs are made of wood, plywood or plastic. So chose one now and place an order to enjoy the simple EMI facility. Do not worry about the budget, just think about the design and durability rest is our job.