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Buy Computer Accessories on EMI Offer in Bangladesh

Computer accessories are very important for a computer user and everyone is a computer user now. You can buy all the necessary computer accessories on EMI on ajkerdeal. Any important accessories or components can get spoilt anytime so you might need one. Ajkerdeal is here for you. You can order them online and can enjoy the EMI facility.

There are a lot of accessories that can be needed for a computer. You can have them all on From the large accessories collection of ajkerdeal you can find yours.


Case or casing is a box under which the parts and components of a computer are put. Casings are mostly made of non-conductive metal, plastic, glass or wood. A good casing not only just holds the components and parts they do other important tasks also. For example, casing cools down the circuit, it organizes cables, it establishes connection between the mainboard and other external devices. A good case supplies power and gradually distributes them amongst the components. There are various kinds of casing. There is official casing, home casing gaming casing. Gaming casings are being liked and admired by the young people. These casings have more effective and powerful cooling technology because gaming causes a PC to overheat. The modern gaming casings are also decorated with lights. You can buy gaming casing on EMI on ajkerdeal.


Monitor is an output device that every computer needs. It is one of the main parts of a computer. You have to be really close to the monitor when you are working on the computer. So the monitors must be made in such a way that they do not put much pressure on eyes. That is why owning a good monitor with a comfortable display is compulsory for every computer user. Giving the display first priority, you also have to look for a durable, power saving and HD monitor. Ajkerdeal has some of the best monitors available in  the market. You can buy the best monitor in cheapest price on ajkerdeal and you can enjoy the EMI facility as well.


UPS means uninterruptible power supply. No one using the computer is unfamiliar with this term. As the name suggests, it is a power supply unit. It is powered by medium sized battery. And in case of a power failure it backs your computer up for 10 to 30 minutes depending on the capacity. UPS have become a very important device in our country. Often there is a power cut or power failure. We do not even get a chance to save our unsaved work and it is very annoying to do the work over. So it is safe to have a UPS. You can buy UPS on ajkerdeal on EMI offer.


You cannot run a PC without a storage device. There are two kinds of storage devices. They are, primary and secondary. The primary device is also known as Random Access Memory or RAM. Without a ram you cannot run your PC. It stores the set of tasks that should be done while the computer is running. The memory is also called temporary memory because it wipes out everything when you shut your computer down. The secondary memory is more like a storage facility. It stores the data, software, documents in it. There are various kinds of storage devices. But the two most popular storage devices are hard disk driver or HDD and solid state drive or SSD. but the SSD has more speed and power than a HDD. HDD might have a larger capacity but SSD wins the battle with its speed. You can use SSD or HDD or even both for your PC. You can now buy an SSD or hard disk under the EMI offer of


Printer is an output device mostly called as office equipment. It can print documents, photographs or texts on paper. There are several kinds of printer, but the most known kinds are, laser printer, inkjet printer and dot printer. A laser printer uses powder of graphite as toner and it prints on the paper using laser technology. Laser printers are fast, durable, has low printing cost and more. There are black and color laser printers but black laser printers are cheaper and more available. Inkjet printers are mainly for color printing. The printer uses four different colored liquid inks cyan, magenta and yellow. There are also dot printers. These printers are used for printing money receipts. So you can buy a printer for your home use or office use or shop. You can buy them on EMI offer on

Motherboard and Processor:

Processor is the main component that does all the arithmetic calculations of a computer. Processor is the part that was called ‘Computer’ initially. There are two major companies that make processors Intel and AMD. Both of them are main competitors of the processor market. You can buy processor on EMI on Motherboard is a circuit board that connects all of the internal and external components and devices with each other. Motherboards are also known as mainboards. There are many motherboards, different brand, capacity, version and more. A good mainboard can make your PC run smoother and better.