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Buy CC Camera Package on EMI in Bangladesh

CC cameras or security cameras have become one of the most important things to have in modern times. You can buy cc camera package on EMI on You can have to full package of camera and other accessories on ajkerdeal. There is no way to deny the importance of cc cameras.

What is a CC Camera?

CC camera is not only a camera, it is a complete system. The system is installed to keep a constant eye on a particular place. It can stream live video footage and also record the footage if needed in future. The system requires some device and accessories to work. The cameras can record even in the dark by infrared lights. You can install cameras in your home, office, and yard or anywhere you are authorized. To install a CC camera, you must need some devices and components.

What do you need?

There are several things that you need to install a cc camera system. You can buy them separately or can purchase them in a package. If you purchase a package than you can enjoy the EMI offer of ajkerdeal.


The main and key component of a CC camera system is the camera. There are many kinds of cameras that you can use in the system. But it is better to use IP cameras. You are also recommended to use HD cameras. HD cameras can record in high resolution and it allows you to watch everyone who entered the premises. You are also recommended to buy cameras which have infrared light with it. Infrared lights allow the camera to record in the dark. You will find various collections of cameras on from which you can choose and order.

Digital Video Recorder:

Digital Video Recorder or DVR in short is the device that controls, operates and records the footage of CC cameras. It is a small box that you have to keep inside. It has input option that can receive the footage. There is DVR which has wired and wireless both input system. Wireless input system allows you to get footage from a wireless IP camera. The DVR has also output system with which you can connect to a monitor and watch the live stream. There is a good collection of good quality and durable DVR on ajkerdeal. You can choose one and order now.

Storage Device:

Storage device stores the footage recorded by the CC camera. You have the option to store and review footage weekly, daily or monthly basis. The footage storage is dependent on the capacity of the storage device. Mostly a desktop computer hard drive is used as the storage device. It is highly recommended for you to have a 1TB hard disk as the storage device. You can find some of the best and well-known brand hard drives on Place an order now and it will be delivered to you.


Monitor is a universal output device. It can be used in various electronic display output. You do not need to buy any fancy monitor for your security system. You can simply buy a computer monitor and connect it to the DVR. Installing a monitor helps you to keep a constant eye. You do not have to buy a monitor for each camera. You can split the screen and watch all the footages simultaneously. Ajkerdeal has a great number of monitors in the collection. You can buy one from ajkerdeal.

Buy CC Camera Package on EMI:

All the components of CC camera are available on ajkerdeal. You can buy them separately or you can buy them as a package. The package will include all the components of CC camera. You can customize the number of cameras as your requirement. If you buy the package than it will cost you less and the exciting part is that you can enjoy the monthly EMI offer on CC camera package. So do not think too much, just visit and choose a package as per your requirement and place an order.