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Buy Camera on EMI in Bangladesh | Ajkerdeal

Camera is a very important device now. You can have a camera on EMI from ajkerdeal. To help you capture your beautiful and memorable moment ajkerdeal has a great collection of Digital SLR, action camera, digital camera and more. And the more exciting news is you can buy a camera on monthly EMI from



A camera is an optical device that captures light. The light-capturing includes still image or moving video. The images are stored in a digital storage device or a photographic plate. The name camera came from the phrase “camera obscura” which means dark chamber. The first device to capture light on a surface was made with a dark box. From that the name camera came. The function of a camera is exactly the same as the human eye. The very first photograph was taken in 1825. The camera is made with a box which is dark and black inside so that it cannot reflect light. On one side of the camera, there is a hole and a convex lens is placed there. On the opposite side of the lens, there is a light sensitive plate also known as a photographic plate or film. The hole is blocked by a canvas also known as a shutter. You can move the shutter of a very short time like a second or half a second by pressing a button. The button allows light to go through the lens for a second or half a second. The light passes through the lens and falls on the photosensitive plate and the plate records the photo through the chemical reaction caused by light. The plate is later developed and the actual picture comes to live. Today's digital cameras are also made on the same principle but instead of photography plate they record the light on a digital platform and you can see the actual picture right after the click, you do not have to develop them. You can print them if you want. Digitalization of the camera allowed the phone manufacturers to add camera on the phone. Now all the phones available in market has camera.


Besides that there are cameras made only for photography or videography. These cameras have various functions. You can digitally control the focus, the exposure level, brightness and more. And the quality of image or video is top class in these cameras. You can buy them on EMI now on ajkerdeal.

Digital Camera:

Digital cameras also known as digicams are cameras that records image or video in its digital storage system. Most of the modern cameras are digital. Digital cameras are being added to mobile phones, tablet computers or other portable devices so that you can take pictures, edit them and share it with others instantly. A digital camera has option to control the shutter speed, exposure or focus digitally. You can do both, take still pictures or record videos with a digital camera. The development of digital camera has changed the camera technology forever. Though, some professionals are still using the analog camera. But over 90% of the world's total camera users are using digital cameras. You can buy yourself a digital camera from ajkerdeal and you can buy them on EMI facility. The monthly EMI will allow you to buy them without having additional financial pressure.

Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR Camera)

Digital Single-Lens Reflex Cameras mostly known as DSLR are one of the most favorite cameras of all time. They are a combination of single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor. And this combination gives these cameras a traditional functionality with a digital storage or imaging technology. Unlike other digital cameras, the reflex system is the key feature of a DSLR. The light goes through the lens and it is then reflected by a mirror on the viewfinder or on digital photo sensor. DSLR has replaced the SLRs from the 2000s. And it is one of the best choices by the professionals. You can now buy DSLR on EMI Offer from ajkerdeal. You do not have to suppress your urge of photography because of your budget. You can have a DSLR on ajkerdeal on EMI facility in Bangladesh.

Action Camera:

Action camera or sports camera is a digital camera specially designed to record actions. Therefore it has a strong built in stabilizer so that the image or video does not look shaky. It can take photos in a burst, it can record videos in very high resolution. Because of the high resolution action cameras can record videos in time lapse or slow motion mode without distorting the video quality. You can by some of the best action cameras in EMI on ajkerdeal.

On ajkerdeal, you will find some of the great collection of cameras that are available in Bangladesh. And the most exciting news is that you can buy them on a monthly EMI offer. Ajkerdeal is here to help you to get a camera in a reasonable price and on EMI facility.