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Buy Air Conditioner EMI Offer Online in Bangladesh

In a humid and hot country like Bangladesh, air conditioner is an effective home appliance device. You can now buy air conditioner online on EMI from Air conditioner is a useful and effective cooling device for your home or office. Ajkerdeal is here to help you with buying an air conditioner with a monthly EMI offer in Bangladesh.


Air Conditioner/ AC:

Air conditioner or AC or A/C is an electronic device that cools down the hot air and pulls out the moisture from the interior. Air conditioners are used to make a more comfortable interior environment for home or commercial space. They are also used in rooms that have heat producing machines in it, such as server room or power amplification room etc. it is also used in storage facilities. Air conditioner uses a fan to distribute the cool air it produces through electric refrigeration system. Air conditioners come in different sizes and capacities. The small ones can cool a small bedroom and the bigger ones are used to cool down an entire building or floor. As mentioned earlier, air conditioners use the electric refrigeration technology to produce cool air. The technology requires a cooling gas to do it. The cool water then flows through the fan of an AC. There are also some AC that does not require any advance cooling technology, they simply uses water to cool the air. Based on the size, mechanism and technology air conditioners can be divided into some categories.

Central AC:

From all of the types of AC this is the most common and preferable for large homes or commercial floors. Central AC has a capacity to cool large spaces. Central AC supplies the cool air through supply ducts. The ducts are placed on the ceiling or floor of each room. The cool air flows through the ducts and the hot air goes out from another duct to the central machine to get cooled again. Installing a central air cooling system requires a lot of planning and preparation. You also should be careful about the size. If you install a wrong size, it will increase your energy cost even if it uses a power saving technology. So consult with an expert before you buy or install this AC. after evaluating the size and capacity, go for it. You can now buy central AC on EMI from Just choose the size and place the order. It will appear on your doorstep.

Mini Split AC:

Mini split AC is another common kind of air conditioner that are used in most of the houses. Mini split AC are the best option for you to install in your room. The AC has two parts. One part is an outdoor compressing machine and the other part is indoor handling machine. If you are looking for individual cooling unit for each room of your house, then this is the best option for you. It has a handling or controlling device in every room and you can set the temperature differently for each room. You also do not have to worry about the size or preparation. You can just choose a brand and size that is comfortable for you and place an order. Ajkerdeal is offering monthly EMI facility for you.

Window AC:

Window ACs is also known as unit air conditioner. It can only cool one room. It flows the cool air from the front and sucks the hot air and blows it from the back of the AC. as the name suggests, window AC are mostly placed on the window. So that it can easily flow the hot air from its back. Window AC is not recommended for large rooms. It is effective for small rooms. There is a decent collection of window AC on ajkerdeal and you can order one online and enjoy the EMI offer.

Portable AC:

Like the window AC, portable AC is also meant for small spaces. These air conditioners are considered as the next generation of window AC. It sucks the hot air from the room and cools it down and then blows it back to the room. These coolers are very easy to install, portable and affordable. On ajkerdeal you will find a collection of portable AC. you just have to choose one and place an order online to enjoy the simple EMI offer.

Why Ajkerdeal?

Ajkerdeal is the largest online shop and is your most trustworthy online shopping store in Bangladesh. There are a variety of options for AC. if you are suffering from the intense heat of the summer and want to make your living or commercial place comfortable than ajkerdeal is here for you. You can enjoy simple monthly EMI offer on ajkerdeal and you can now have a comfortable working place or comfortable good night sleep without getting tensed about the budget.