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By considering the influence of electronic devices in our lives,, the largest online shop of Bangladesh has decorated their site with lots of essential parts and components, which can be used for daily, household and mechanical project related purposes. In this section, there are tools like digital multi meter, circuit module, shoulder sucker,micro controller, power supply module, volume amplifier circuit and others.

To produce a constructive formation of any mechanical equipment, the necessity of circuits is inevitable and the scarcity of those products may hamper the continuity of the project. Sometimes, it is seen that, the pursuit to find out the essential product is the reason of wastage of time, money and labor.

Despite of this, the question of authenticity of the real products and the level of quality has always been a matter of fret for the customers. However, the importance of assembling the circuits knows no bounds in case of mechanical project.

So, is the only online solution of such problems, where a customer can buy their desired parts and components without being worried about the quality of the products and at the same time, they do not need to ramblearound to fulfill their necessity.

Depending on the versatility of the customers and based on their needs has submerged their sites with some unique equipment as well. There are products like DC to AC converter, slide calipers, standard solderingiron, DC boost controller, power bank charger board and so on.

Based on the research of the market and the demand of the customers, through the sense of the awareness of the modern era and by considering the rapid development of the technological flow, this online shopping site is updating its content in every single moment and a customer can choose, compare and buy their essential parts and components very easily from