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Ekusher Ayojon: Buy Panjabi, T-shirts, Saree and Salwar Kameez to Celebrate Ekushe

21st February has been announced to be observed as International Mother Language Day worldwide. UNESCO has declared the day to be observed internationally to create awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity. On 17th November 1999 UNESCO declared this day as International Mother Language Day. in 1947, when British left the Indian subcontinent they divided the subcontinent into two parts based on religion. The Muslim people got the name ‘Pakistan’ and Hindu people got ‘India’ or ‘Hindusthan’. As the division was based on religion, there was a large number of muslim people in the place where current Bangladesh is. so , the British gave that to Pakistan. So, Pakistan got two parts, East Pakistan and West Pakistan. As these two parts were separated by India in between them, the language, culture, way of life was very different between these two nations. In 1948 the Pakistan Government declared that, Urdu will be the one and only national language of both of the Pakistans. But the majority of the people of East Pakistan used to speak Bengali. So, the people of East Pakistan protests. Because of the fact that most of the people of East Pakistan speak Bengali, so that Bengali should also be the national language of pakistan. To stop the protest the government outlawed all kinds of public meeting and rally. But the students of the University of Dhaka with the help of other general people decided to break the law and bring out a massive rally. They started the rally on 21st February, 1952. When the rally came near to Dhaka Medical College, police opened fire on the students. Hundreds were injured and Salam, Rafiq, Jabbar and many others were killed. It was a rare event that people has sacrificed their lives just to establish their mother tongue. So, the government came under pressure. The protest began to spread around the country. More rallies started. So the government was forced to declare Bengali as one of the major national languages of Pakistan. On the exact place where police killed the students, a monument was built to honor the martyrs now called ‘Shaheed Minar’. People of Bangladesh celebrates this day every year on 21st February and they pay respect, gratitude and sorrow for the people who were killed to protect their language. As the day is a mourn day, the people of Bangladesh put on a special kind of fashion which prioritize black color. To help you celebrate and pay respect to the brave people of then, ajkerdeal has a huge collection for this day. Your online shopping for this day has become very easy.



Sharee is cultural and symbolic wear of Bengali women. Every woman of Bangladesh from all class loves to wear sharee. And on any Bengali occasion sharee is a must for Bengali women. So, for 21st February ajkerdeal has a vast collection of sharee for all ages of women. Most of them consist of black and white. There are cotton, silk, georgette, katan, specially printed sharee on ajkerdeal. You can order saree for 21st february online from your home and get it delivered on time. By shopping with ajkerdeal you can look beautiful and can pay your respect to our beloved martyrs


Panjabi or also known as Kurtas have been the traditional wear of the people of Indian subcontinent even before the British came. It is a type of loose frock which is full sleeved and extended to the knees. The panjabis changes its appearance throughout the history. The fashion changes with area and time. For 21st February, ajkerdeal has some designer collection of cotton panjabi. All of them are specially made for 21st February. You can order panjabi for 21st February in BD online from ajkerdeal.

Sharee Panjabi Combo:

Ajkerdeal has a combo offer and matching sharee and panjabi for couples and even for their kids. You might want to look your family different on this day. To help you with that ajkerdeal is giving you the offer of combo where you can buy sharee and panjabi combo online in Bangladesh and it will be delivered within two to three working days.

Salwar Kameez & Kurti:

Salwar kameez has also became popular in our culture for the last two or three decades. Women, especially young and teenagers are wearing this dress more frequently because of its comfort. Ajkerdeal has latest design salwar kameez and kurti specially designed for 21st February. You can now get them from your home. You can buy them online within just a few minutes and you can get them in the best price.


T-shirts are very popular among the young generation of this age. T-shirts are comfortable to wear and fashionable. There is a large collection of t-shirts customized only for 21st february. Made with soft fabric which will ensure your comfort and well printed which will ensure the durability of the t-shirt. You can check the price of ekushey t-shirt in Bangladesh and order them on ajkerdeal.

Besides all these things, ajkerdeal has also mugs, wooden jewelry, side bags, sandals and other things that you can have on 21st February.