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Pest Control Service Online in Bangladesh

Are you worried about different types of boring pests in the home, office or factory? Are cockroaches, insects, rats, flies, mosquitoes, infectious germs, butterflies, etc. making your environment unhealthy? Worried about how to maintain a healthy insect free environment at your place of residence and work?, the largest online shop is on your side to relieve you of anxiety. We are providing Pest Control with a guarantee throughout Dhaka City and all over the country. 

Cockroach Killer:

An insect attack can be seen if the house is dirty. But the biggest problem is the cockroach. The life of the cockroach is removed from the house. One hit and another comes. Many cockroaches are scared so you do not understand what to do when you see them in front of your eyes.

Arcola beating is available in many chemical markets. Which also works. But these types of chemicals are extremely harmful to children's health. is providing a non-chemical cockroach killer at a reasonable price that kills all the cockroaches without making any harm to health. 

Buy Cockroach Trap online in BD:

  • The common poison or glue has to be sprayed inside the house, so the cockroach is left in the hiding place after eating the poison and poisoning the environment which is very harmful.
  • The special food containing this trap will move the cockroach inside the door
  • This food is made with special ingredients
  • The box is made of transparent plastic
  • Many bullet cockroaches can get into the trap at once
  • The cockroaches caught on this trap are dead inside so it can be cleaned and used again

Ultrasonic Mosquito Resistant Instrument:

  • Resistant Mosquito ultrasonic device
  • There is no poison or chemical in it
  • Physical bad reaction completely free, suitable for all of the children and the elderly
  •  The early use may affect pest attack rise
  • The pest will escape if the ultrasonic wave is strong within a few days

The price of ultrasonic Mosquito resistant instrument is so reasonable to shop online at Visit us and teach unwanted pests in your house a lesson. The price of Ultrasonic Mosquito Resistant Instrument is 1700 taka

Buy Rat Killer online in BD:

Only the sufferers know the extent of pain caused by rats in the house. The only task of the rat is to cut clothes, unite the books. Once the rat infestation continues, this pain persists until it is completely eliminated. Also, many diseases caused by rats are persistent in the pest house. Although giving poison to rats does not work very often. It is also not safe to poison as many children are at home. Learn some simple ways to do this. You can easily get rid of the rat infestation with the little things in your house. Let's find out the ways. Rat killer food is available at at a reasonable price. 

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