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BB cream stands for blemish balm, blemish base, and in Western markets, beauty balm. CC generally stands for “color correcting” and the products are meant to address issues like redness or sallowness. The difference between BB and CC creams are very little; cc generally uses for sun cream, moisturizer, foundation and bb creams are for light foundation with a skin care benefit.

BB Cream

BB cream is actually all in one makeup-moisturizer, sunscreen and more. Most fans are not quite sure how to define it. Is it skin care? Is it makeup? Or something else completely? The simple answer is it is a makeup item.  This is lighter coverage than a traditional foundation. It has nourishing ingredients like vitamins and antioxidants also. Unlike foundation, BB creams do not have to be perfect match with your skin tone. The whole point is that they are sheer, bendable and buildable. Its looks great even though it’s a bit lighter or darker than your skin.

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CC Cream

CC creams stands for "color" and "correct." These versions usually provide sun protection and more coverage. They are also providing skin-brightening benefits for uneven, dull skin tone, but other than a cosmetic effect. The unique formula helps even out your skin base by refining pores and reducing redness and pigmentation with its skin brightening properties. Offering 24 hour moisture skin is left hydrated, radiant, firm and plump with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles reduced. Containing natural sunscreen it provides a mild sunscreen to protect skin against UV rays. With its Natural Mineral Pigments it corrects and conceals skin imperfections to give you color correction and well, a flawless base.


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