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Construction material in BD: In the early 20th century, because of the industrial revolution and advancement in technology, modern architecture emerged. Because of the revolution, there was a huge advancement in engineering, building materials, use of iron and the use of more strong concrete. With the help of these materials, the buildings became stronger, taller and lighter. The first to take a step forward was the materials. Especially cast iron and cast plate glass. The use of cast iron started to give the buildings strength and with the help of cast plated glass, the architects were able to design large windows which allowed the building to have enough light and ventilation. Iron reinforced concrete was first used by the French industrialist François Coignet. Iron reinforced concrete is the process of strengthening the concrete with iron bars. In 1853 he built a four-story building in Paris with iron reinforced concrete and it was the first building that was made out of this material. Another advancement came after the invention of the safety elevator by Elisha Otis. It was first used in New York Crystal Palace in 1854. Another leap of advancement was the use of electric light instead of a gas or oil lamp. Use of these lamps used to cause more fire in the 19th century.

And now in the 21st century, the art of construction has become one of the most important parts of our culture. New ways of design, new technologies, more durable concrete, earthquake-resistant buildings are being modified and being advanced every day. The concrete that is being used now is stronger than ever. In the United States, a new type of concrete has been developed, called high-performance concrete. This concrete is not only reinforced by iron but also reinforced by fiber, which hold the concrete in place strongly. And these types of concretes are being used to build bridges. The Japanese invent another kind of concrete, self-compacting concrete. High fluidity is its key feature. It can be put into any framework and it finds its way without any additional vibrator. Beside normal concrete mix a special new generation polymer-based admixtures is also been mixed with it which increases its fluidity keeping the water content low. Because of this special mixture, architects were able to avoid small and micro cracks caused by the shrinking by heat or shrinking by drying.

In our country, the construction of new buildings, houses, bridges are going on and getting started. Sometimes the materials are hard to find or sometimes they overcharge for it or sometimes the lack of transportation is giving the builders a hard time. But there is nothing to worry about, is always with you to solve your problems and make your work thus your life easier. In ajkerdeal you will find the best construction materials at the lowest price. You can also buy building materials online in BD from ajkerdeal.

Corner tiles:

Corner tiles are mainly used in the corner of the room or building. You can use normal tiles in the corner but there will be some gaps and it will look odd having those gaps in the corner wall. So ajkerdeal is offering you to buy corner tiles online in Bangladesh at the best price. It will make your room or building look perfect and beautiful. 

Border interior tiles:

Border tiles are mainly used in the border. They are designed that way. The floor border, the ceiling border or the door borders. Using these tiles your home will get a new and an elite look. Ajkerdeal is providing you with the best border tiles made with gypsum powder. They were being imported from Thailand. These tiles are durable, beautiful and you will love it. You can buy border tiles online in BD from us.

Ceiling Interior Tiles:

The ceiling is the most widely opened wall of a room or building. So, you have an option to decorate the ceiling as you wish. If you want to do so, we are here to help you with your desire. We have the best ceiling tiles collection online in BD. You just have to click a few times and we will deliver it to your place.

Grinding/ Cutter/ Drill:

Grinding, cutter & drills are some must needed tools in construction work. You have to cut rods, tiles, wood even concrete sometimes. With drill machines you can make a screw hole in wood, concrete etc. so, both of them are must be needed. Even if you are not involved in construction, you will need it in your daily life. So, if you are looking for a drill or grinder you can visit and you can buy drill and grinder online in BD.

Automatic Plaster Machine:

Automatic plaster machine is new in Bangladesh. It helps you to put a plaster on your outer wall by yourself. You just need to put the concrete mixture into the machine and start the machine and aim it to the places where you want to put the plaster. The machine can put a plaster on up to 2-3 thousand square feet per day. Now, you can easily buy an automatic plaster machine online in BD from ajkerdeal.

Other Tools and Materials:

Besides the above-mentioned tools, there are some other tools that are needed for construction. Such as, wood chisel, hard hat, gumboot, hacksaw, chalk line reel, screwdriver, hammer and more. The good news is, you can buy them online from one place without any fear. You only will build a house once in a lifetime. Why not make it better and perfect with