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A multi-plug (additionally recognized as an extension block, power board, power bar, plugboard, pivot plug, trailing gang, trailing socket, plug bar, trailer lead, multi-socket, multi-box, socket board, super plug, multiple sockets, multiple outlets, poly socket and by various other variations) is a section of electrical sockets that connects to the end of a flexible cable, allowing multiple electrical devices to be powered from a single electrical socket. Multi-plug is usually used when multiple electrical devices are in proximity, such as for audio, video, computer systems, appliances, power tools, and lighting. Power strips often combine a circuit breaker to interrupt the electric current in the cause of an overload or a short circuit. Some multi-plug provides protection facing electrical power surges.


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Some multi-plug incorporates a master switch to adapt all devices on and off. This can be applied among simple devices, such as lights, but not among most computers, which must use shutdown instructions from the software. Computers may have open files, which may be corrupted if the power is simply turned off.

Some multi-plug have separately switched outlets.

"Master/slave" strips can detect one "master" device implying turned off and turn everything different on or off respectively. Connect hub with USB port with your computer and enjoy fast data transfer. They are also ideal to keep your device safe. They are also made of good quality material and ensure safety to your electronic device. They come with stylish design and provide high durability. You can even charge your smartphones with the help of it.


Socket arrangement


In some countries where various socket varieties are in use, a single multi-plug can have two or more varieties of sockets. Socket arrangement differs considerably, but for physical access reasons, there are infrequently higher than two rows. In Europe, power strips without breaker suppression are commonly single row, but models among surge suppression are provided both in single and double row configurations.

If sockets on a multi-plug grouped closely collectively, a cable including a large "wall wart" transformer at its end may embrace up multiple sockets. Numerous designs address this problem, some by just increasing the spacing among outlets. Other designs incorporate receptacles which rotate in their housing, or multiple short receptacle cords feeding from a center hub. An easy DIY method for accommodating problematic power strips arrangements to extensive "wall warts" is to use a three-way socket adapter to spread the socket beyond its neighbors, implementing the required clearance. The PowerCube adapter is designed as a cube, meaning the adapters do not compete for space next to each other.


There are also USB hub cum card readers which can perform dual functions- one as a hub and the other as a card reader. Now you can enjoy faster data transfer with this plug and play device. They are easy and safe to use.




Electrical overloading can be a problem among any sort of power adapter. This is especially likely if multiple high-power appliances are used, such as those are heating elements, like room heaters or electric frying pans. Power strips may have a circuit breaker combined to limit overload. In the UK, power strips are needed to be defended by the fuse.


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