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Buy Online Laptop Battery at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

The charge on a battery drain as it builds up its capacity. As the battery ages, your high-end laptop also shuts down for a couple of hours at a time. This is a problem with phones, tablets, and laptops. Reduced screen light, all apps have switched off unused antennas but still can't keep your laptop battery charge. Then maybe it's time to change the battery. Buy HP, Dell, Asus, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, Microsoft & Razer Laptop Battery in Bangladesh at Cheap price from AjkerDeal online shop.

Where to change your device’s battery? You may have the question. Whatever the model is, the largest online marketplace in Bangladesh, has a wide collection of laptop batteries online at the best price. 

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Shop Dell Inspiron N5010 N4010 N4050 Laptop Battery 

Want to replace Dell Inspiron N5010 N4010 N4050 Laptop Battery? Dell Inspiron N5010 N4010 N4050 Laptop Battery price is 1099 taka only to shop online at our site. Compatible With: Dell Inspiron N5010 M5010 N5110 N4010 N4050 N7010 N5030 N5050 N7110 N4110 M5030 Vostro 1450 1440 1540 1550 3550 3750. A 6-month warranty is available to shop online at our site.

HP pavilion G-4 1000/ G-6 1000 battery price in BD

HP pavilion G-4 1000/ G-6 1000 battery is also compatible with battery models like HSTNN-I84C, 586006-241, 586006-361, 586006-541, 586006-761, 586007-121, 586007-141,586007-421, 586007-851, 586028-321, 586028-341, 588178-141, 593553-001, 593554-001,HSTNN-178C, HSTNN-179C, HSTNN-181C, HSTNN-CB0W, HSTNN-CBOX, HSTNN-DB0W, HSTNN-DB0X,HSTNN-F01C, HSTNN-F02C, HSTNN-I78C, HSTNN-I79C, HSTNN-I81C, HSTNN-I83C, 586006-321,HSTNN-IB0N, HSTNN-IB0W, HSTNN-IB0X, HSTNN-IB1E, HSTNN-IBOW, HSTNN-LB0W, HSTNN-OB0X,HSTNN-OB0Y, HSTNN-Q47C, HSTNN-Q48C, HSTNN-Q49C, HSTNN-Q50C, HSTNN-Q51C, HSTNN-Q60C,HSTNN-Q61C, HSTNN-Q62C, HSTNN-Q63C, HSTNN-Q64C, HSTNN-YB0X, MU06, MU09,NBP6A174, NBP6A174B1, NBP6A175, NBP6A175B1, WD548AA, WD549AA, WD548AA#ABB, 593555-001, etc. if your laptop model is Compaq Presario CQ32 Series, Compaq Presario CQ42 Series, Compaq Presario CQ56 Series, Compaq Presario CQ62 Series, Compaq Presario CQ72 Series, HP Pavilion DM4-1000 Series(NOT For dm4-2xxx Series), HP Pavilion dm4-1100 Series, HP Pavilion dm4-1200 Series, HP Pavilion dm4-1300 Series, HP Pavilion dm4t Series, HP Pavilion DV3-4000 Series (NOT For DV3-1xxx, DV3-2xxx, DV3-3xxx Series), HP Pavilion dv3-4100 Series, HP Pavilion dv3-4200 Series, HP Pavilion dv5-2000 Series(NOT For DV5-1xxx Series), HP Pavilion dv5-3000 Series, HP Pavilion DV6-3000 Series(NOT For DV6-1xxx, DV6-2xxx, DV6-4xxx, DV6-5xxx Series), HP Pavilion dv6-3200 Series, HP Pavilion dv6-3300 Series, HP Pavilion dv6-6000 Series, HP Pavilion DV7-4000 Series (NOT For DV7-1xxx, DV7-2xxx, DV7-3xxx, DV7-5xxx Series), HP Pavilion dv7-6000 Series, HP ENVY 15 SeriesHP ENVY 17 Series, HP G32 SeriesHP G42 Series, HP G62 series, HP G72 seriesHP Pavilion g4-1000 Series, HP Pavilion g6-1000 Series, HP Pavilion g7-1000 Series, etc you can use this battery model. You also have a 6-month warranty purchasing online at our site.

Acer Aspire laptop battery in BD

Compatible Brand ACER Aspire 4250 Series, ACER Aspire 4250G Series, ACER Aspire 4250Z Series, ACER Aspire 4251 Series, ACER Aspire 4251G Series, ACER Aspire 4251Z Series, ACER Aspire 4252 Series, ACER Aspire 4252G Series, ACER Aspire 4252Z Series, ACER Aspire 4253 Series, ACER Aspire 4253G Series, ACER Aspire 4253Z Series, ACER Aspire 4333 Series, ACER Aspire 4333Z Series, ACER Aspire 4339 Series ACER Aspire 4339Z Series, ACER Aspire 4349 Series, ACER Aspire 4349Z Series, ACER Aspire 4551 Series, ACER Aspire 4551G Series, ACER Aspire 4551P Series, ACER Aspire 4552 Series, ACER Aspire 4552G Series, ACER Aspire 4552Z Series, ACER Aspire 4560 Series, ACER Aspire 4560G Series, ACER Aspire 4625 Series, ACER Aspire 4625G Series, ACER Aspire 4733 Series, ACER Aspire 4733G Series ACER Aspire 4733Z Series, ACER Aspire 4733ZG Series, ACER Aspire 4738 Series, ACER Aspire 4738G Series, ACER Aspire 4738Z Series, ACER Aspire 4738ZG Series, ACER Aspire 4739 Series, ACER Aspire 4739G Series, ACER Aspire 4739Z Series, etc.


  • Type- Li-ion Battery 
  • Capacity- 4400 mAh 
  • Battery Voltage- 11.1V 
  • Cell quantity 6-Cell 
  • Color- Black 
  • Condition- New 
  • Battery Dimension- 300*105*45mm 
  • Warranty- 6 Months Warranty

The price of the Acer laptop battery is 1090 taka only. Shop now!


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