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Best Quality Hard Disk Drive (HDD) & RAM in BD - Buy Online at Cheap Price


Storage is the hard drive’s main responsibility. The data you keep on your computer is basically stored on hard disk. Not just documents, pictures, music, and videos; all your programs even your operating system- all are stored on hard disk. If your hard disk crash, you may lose all the data you stored on it. That’s why most of the people have a backup system to keep their important data keep safe. Buy Hard Disk Drive (HDD) & RAM in Bangladesh at cheap price from AjkerDeal online shop bd. Quality guarantee.

Now a day we all look for the fastest possible storage option and for that there is no alternative for SSD. Solid State Drive is the fastest with the highest read and writes speed. Fast Hard Disk is one of the main things that keeps the files and also reasonable for overall PC performance.

AjkerDeal has lots of hard disk collection for you so that you can choose according to your budget and need. Check out the collection of hard disk and choose the best one suitable for you at the best price in Bangladesh. AjkerDeal gives you the best offer on hard disk price in BD.

Types of Hard Disk

There are basically four types of hard disk to your computer.

USB: USB is the most common type of hard disk connection. It’s very easy to use just plug and play. Once the computer recognizes the drive you will able to read, edit and save files almost instantly.

FireWire: Firewire is also like plug and plays like USB. If you want to transfer video files or any kind of large files Firewire 800 is significantly faster.

SATA: This is the standard connection for an internal hard disk which offers good file transfer speed in any format.

eSATA: A less common, high-performance connection mostly found in PCs. This type of connection also performs speeds that are most closely resembled an internal drive.


Should you Choose Internal or External Hard Disk?

An internal drive provides built-in storage at top speeds. This type of hard disk you have to physically install on the computer. Your files and programs are stored directly on your computer, and an internal hard disk is always there for you whenever you need them.

An external drive gives you greater flexibility and expanded storage whenever you need it. An external hard disk is mainly used for backup purpose and flexibility. You can easily connect to your computer via plug-in cables. Also some of them you can access over Wi-Fi.


Why is External Hard Disk Important?

Hard disks are ideal to add storage to your computer or laptop instantly. Just plug and play through USB interface. The built-in power management automatically also ensures energy efficient operation. They provide universal connectivity with massive capacity. They are ideal to keep secure your private files. They even won’t impact the speed of your transfers or slow down your computer. Check out the hard disk price in BD at!

There are external portable drives which come with the compact design. They are also ideal to carry when you travel. They also provide ample capacity of up to 4 TB. There also includes all the safety features for safe use.

There are hard disk covers which are also available at our site. They are also made of high-quality material to protect your device. They also come with elegant design. Buy hard disks covers, pouch and cases from your trusted online shopping mall,


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