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Adult Cat Food Price in Bangladesh:

The adult cat food price in Bangladesh is very reasonable. The kitten food and cat food are different in nature. You cannot feed your cat with kitten food; neither can you feed your kitten with adult cat food. They have different nutrients ratio. Cats of different ages need different nutrients. To provide your loving pet with proper nutrients and proteins ajkerdeal has a large collection of different adult cat food. From which you can choose one for your beloved cat and buy them online and get it delivered to your place.


Men have cats as a pet for more than 4000 years. It was assumed before that ancient Egyptians were the first to domesticate cats. DNA study also supports this theory as the modern domestic cat’s DNA has a high match with African wild cats. But other studies show that domestic cats have been around for almost 12000 years since there was an agricultural revolution in the Middle East’s Fertile Crescent. It might be true because the increased number of agriculture brought more vermin and the vermin brought cats into the locals.


Cats were brought to Europe around 3000 years ago by Greek merchants and the Roman loved them and they used the cats for killing rats. The Romans left Britain around 1600 years ago but they could not take their cats with them. So the cats stayed in Britain. Around 1000 years ago when the Vikings came to Britain they took some cats with them to Norway. This is how cats got spread around Britain.


About 700 years ago, an unfortunate event took place in Britain. Hundreds and thousands of cats were found slaughtered. Though it began in Britain, but soon it spread throughout the whole of Europe. Cats were massacred around Europe. Many people claim that the cats were slaughtered for some witchcraft rituals. And it is hypothesized that, because of this mass cat killing the number of mice increased and which eventually lead Europe into Bubonic plague of 1346. In the 1500s cats were popular again and in the 1700s the merchants started to explore the world and brought cats with them. Cats reached America, Asia and Australia by the 1800s. Now, cats are the most popular pets in the world. There are almost 8.5 million pet cats in the United Kingdom alone. In our country cats have also become a popular pet. People love cats and cats also love people and love to be around with people. So, to feed your beloved pet you can look into the huge collection of adult cat food on ajkerdeal.



Adult Cat Food:

The kitten food and adult cat foods are totally different. The kitten foods have high contents of fat and calories but the adult cat food does not have that much fat or calories. Cats are pure carnivore animals. Which means they need to eat animal flesh to survive? From the flesh the mainly consume the amino acid. The domestic cats prefer fish, chicken, red meat sometimes mouse or small birds as well. But for a cat owner, preparing these foods is a difficult job every day. Therefore, cat foods are here. Cat foods have the exact same nutrient that is present in the flesh of animals even cat foods have these nutrients in perfect portion. There are mainly two types of cat foods. The dry one and wet one. On ajkerdeal, you will find both types of cat food. You can go to ajkerdeal website or browse the app to find and order the best food for your beloved pet. 


Dry Cat Food:

Dry cat foods are very popular amongst the cat owners because it is dry, cheap, easy to store and cats love them. As the dry foods have no water contain it will be best to continue it alongside a fresh water supply or along with wet food. Before buying these foods, you must keep in mind that what nutrients are important for your cat or what flavor does they like etc. To find that you may consult with your vet.



Wet Cat Food:

Wet cat food or canned cat food are directly flesh of the animals that cats love to eat and are full of protein. Wet cat food comes in a can and they contain processed chicken, duck or tuna with oily gravy. You can feed it directly to your cat or mix it with boiled rice and feed your cat. Mixing with boiled rice makes it healthier for a cat. You can now buy wet cat food online in Bangladesh on ajkerdeal.