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Children Literature Books Online In Bangladesh At Reasonable Price

Reading a book encourages a kid to study more, and this habit makes them capable of occupying the cognition function. So, if you want your children's cognitive development then give him lots of academic books as well as Children Literature Books from Ajkerdeal website. 

Should Kids Be Interested In Reading Books?

Giving children access to all varieties of informative and educational books is extremely important for their advancement. So, parents, teachers and elder family members should help kids to develop a love, passion and interest for reading. 

Types & Genre Of Children’s Literature 

There are some steps or sections in the children literature. By growing up, the subject of reading interests will change.  Here we listed the category of children’s literature. For Example- 

  • Aesop Fables 
  • Scolar’s Biographies
  • Biography
  • Children's Poetry
  • Children's Stories
  • Mythological Stories
  • Fables Collection
  • Fairy Tales
  • Fantasy Fiction
  • Fiction
  • Folklore
  • Historical fiction
  • History
  • Juvenile works & Fiction
  • Teen Fiction
  • Science Fiction
  • Young Adult Fiction

Benefits of Children's Literature Lessons

Children need to read children's literature in addition to academic studies. Reading literature is not only blooming children’s cognitive skills but also beneficial for other reasons as well. 

Children's literature reading lessons are also beneficial for kids to be able to succeed in a school or work setting. Children’s literature also helps a student to develop social skills, improves the personality and increases their creative skills. 

Children Literature Book Collection In Bangladesh

Children's literature is important for children and it is also essential for the child's mental health development. Here, we listed some collection of Children Literature Books, such as-

  • 365 Moral Stories By PEGASUS
  • 365 Fairy Tales By PEGASUS
  • “Robi’s Birds” Children Rhyme Books
  • “Kishore Golpo Somogro” By Humayun Ahmed
  • “Flowers With Seven Colours” By Valentine Katayev
  • “Jadur Tir” By Jahirul Islam
  • Princess Kalabati & Others Tales By Niaz Zaman
  • 3D Book - Bino English
  • 3D Book - Bino Zoo Card
  • 3D Learning Bino Drawing
  • Adam & Hawa Story Book
  • Stories of Prophet Nuh (pbuh)
  • Stories Of Ibrahim (AS)
  • Stories Of Esha (AS)
  • Al Hadith For Children
  • Al Quran For Children
  • “Baba Jokhon Choto” By Alexander Rakhsin
  • “Ma Bollo Jashne Khoka” By Abdul Kayum
  • Hackelbury Thrilling Adventure By Mark Toyen
  • Little Girl Tiptop By Roger Hargrivs
  • Little Girl Tombitomba By Roger Hargrivs
  • “Rushder Upokotha”
  • “Baro Mamar Ak Dojon” By Farhad Khurrom
  • “Pencil Ar Shorbokormar Adventure”   

Children's Books Should Be Selected According To Age

Children’s Literature is the most important part to help kids to understand the various literature based studies. But fact is reading a book is always selected according to the kids’s age. A kid didn’t read the fiction at this age but a teenager can easily read fiction with interest. 

So, kids should be allowed to read funny story books, Fairy tales, poetry books, and give the other books when they grow up. 

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Ajkerdeal provides so many Books & CD/DVD collections according to the customer's choices and interests. If You are looking for a window shop in Books collection then browse our ajkerdeal site and go for your convenience shopping. 

Poetry Book Collection For Kids

We offer the many poetry books for kids to know the many new poets' names and recite it. You will find the Title of Bengali Author Omar Bissas Written poetry book “Chorar Sathe Songhi Holam”. 

Moral Story Books For Children

We provide the 365 Moral Story book containing stories which teach moral values, ethics and good manners to children. It contains lots of stories which tells them the advantages of good behaviour, disadvantages of bad behaviour. It also initiates good habits and values in them.

365 Fairy Tales By PEGASUS For Kids

Childrens who love to read and hear from elders a fairy tale. We offer 365 Fairy Tale Story books for 365 days. This book is a collection of 365 fairy tales for lovely children, picked from among the most popular and favourite ones. Stories have been portrayed with a very simple language for our young readers to connect with the stories.

Teen Fiction Collection Books For Teenager

Ajkerdeal gives the best collection of Humayun Ahmed’s Book. He is a very famous writer in Bangladesh. Many teenagers and younger people love to read his writings. We offer his teen fiction book “ Kishore Golpo Somogro” for the teenage reader.