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Boishakhi Haat - Boishakhi Saree Collection in Bangladesh

We can not think of our Bengali girls without wearing Boishakhi Saree on the day of Pohela Boishakh. For the fascination about Bengali occasion and feasibility of Pohela Boishakh, the Ajkerdeal website provides the best, stylish, colourful and exclusive Boishakhi Saree for women in Bangladesh.

Tradition Of Bangla Month

It's undeniable and true that the Pohela Boishakh is an integral part of our culture and heritage. This day is celebrated on 14th of April in each year as the commencement of “Bangla New Year” which is mainly known as “Noboborsho”. On this occasion, people from all walks of life come together to celebrate the tradition.

What Do People Do On The First Day Of Boishakh?

The first and most popular things to do in the morning are to visit Ramna Batamul to attend the cultural function and then have breakfast with “Panta Ilish”. Then people do get together with friends and family to celebrate as well as participate on the occasion and go to the Boishakhi Mela or go to the Boishakhi Concert.

Represents The Pohela Boishakh Tradition of Bangladesh

The whole country looks colorful on this boishakhi day which represents the tradition of Bangladesh. Generally people wear traditional clothing mostly Saree and Panjabi. From kids to elderly people- each and everyone wears colorful Saree and Panjabi to celebrate the occasion together. 

Ultimate Choice For Saree Lovers

Especially women chosen for this boishakhi saree which is an ultimate choice for saree lovers. Basically saree are loved and worn by many women of all ages and attend all types of events and occasions in the Pohela Boishakh. 

Red & White Colour Combination Boishakhi Saree

Women love to wear colorful saree in Pohela Boishakh. They also look very attractive in red-white colour combination of saree. Introducing aristocracy also fits in  modernity. Boishakhi saree is the most traditional outfit and all ages of women like to wear it. 

Other Clothes Collection Instead Of Sarees

If you don't want to wear the sari of Pohela Boishakh, there are dresses, salwar kameez and many more. Besides, nowadays, women also wear colorful salwar, kurti and many other types of dresses. But among all of them, Boishakhi Saree is the most gorgeous looking dress.

Variety Of Boishakhi Haat Saree Collection

There are a variety of Boishakhi haat design saree available on our site. Such as- Hand-Painted Cotton Handloom Saree, Kota Saree, Embroidered, Art Silk Saree, Tussar Silk Saree, Red & White Colour. 

Also has Pure Linen Saree, Skin Boutique Saree, Silk & Cotton Mixed Saree, Kantha Stitched Boishakhi Saree, Jamdani Saree, Hand Print Khadi Saree etc. 

Boishakhi Saree For Gifting

Decorate yourself and others with the collection of Boishakhi Sarees. Order now to give as a gift to a loved one. Stylish design with 100% color guarantee. Fabric: Silk Cotton Size: 12 Hands Pure. There is a blouse piece attached. Colour available is the same as you can see in the picture. Make yourself more attractive at any party. Ideal gift for loved ones. 

Silk Boutique Saree For Women 

Girls also prefer to wear a variety of boishakhi saree like Designer Cotton saree in Red & White Colour, Trendy Ethnic saree, Tangail Cotton Boishakhi saree, Handloom saree, Designer saree, Muslin saree etc. We provide colourful silk boutique saree for women at the best price. 

Fashionable & Comfortable Boishakhi Saree 

Our online customers are found in various categories of Women’s fashion wear accessories as well as Boishakhi Haat Saree collection. Let's have a look at the listed products of the Boishakhi Saree collection and find your comfortable and fashionable saree at a suitable price. 

Cotton Print Saree With Blouse Piece

We provide the cotton saree with hand block & skin print work, blouse piece included for the day of bangla noboborsho. Traditionally fashionable girls feel the joyous mood and are adorned with an extra plan for Pohela Boishakh. So women put on colourful boishakhi Saree for these festivities.

Shop For Boishakhi Haat Saree Collection  

Buying these colorful saees is also a hassle while roaming around the market for a long time. But there’s no need to worry now. offers you the latest collection of Boishakhi Sarees in the store from where you can look around thousands of sarees at a glance.

Boishakhi Haat Saree Price in Bangladesh

Check out the collection of Boishakhi Saree on to grab your saree & get it free delivered at your home. Just pick up your choiceable saree according to your budget, style, color and just place an order. 

Traditional Boishakhi Saree Collection

All of our boishakhi sarees are very good in quality.  It will also be helpful for you to pick up the expected design and type of sarees without wasting lots of time. You don’t have to compromise with the measurement & comfort. Check out our Boishakhi Haat Collection and shop with Shuvo Noboborsho to all of you!