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Before learning about night vision technology or how night vision glasses work, it is important to first know about "lights". Do you know what kind of light is not visible? Yes, that is completely true. The light we see in the eye — it's called visible light — is just part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum of light. But there are other types of light, such as infrared lights and ultraviolet lights - that we can never see with an open eye.

Night Vision

No place is dark at all, it doesn't mean that there is no light. There are also a few lights - infrared lights or ultraviolet lights - that are not normally visible to the naked eye. Now, if you were asked to make glasses that would be visible at night, what would you do? Since the light rays come from the front glasses, you must first capture the light from somewhere, then increase the force of the light or boost it in front of the glasses so that the eyes can see it. But how do you capture or boost the light? Binoculars, telescopes, or ordinary glasses of your eye can only light up a certain area, but not make the light brighter. Brightening glasses are much easier to make than brightness boosters; Finishing with anything that can hold the light on the lens of the glasses is done - just like sunglasses do. This suitable for biking and riding


However, it is possible to boost something by using electricity but very easily. In one type of electrical device, a small amount of electric current flows from one end to the other; This is called an amplifier. For example, when a person talks to Mike — his voice amplifies an electronic instrument called a transistor (electronic current can be amplified, so that volume can be increased) and the speaker is played at a higher volume so that everyone can understand the person more easily.

So this is the way through which glasses of light can be boosted. If we change the light into electricity, boost the electricity, and turn the boosted electricity into a light, then it is easier to get brighter light than ever before, in which it can be seen even in the dark by brightening the night light.

How does Night Vision work?

Night vision glasses can work in two technologies — but these technologies are completely different from each other. As I said before, a place does not mean darkness but it does not mean that there is no light. There is also light (invisible light), but we do not see it as normal. Night vision glasses utilize image enhancement technology to collect unseen light (such as infrared light) in the dark, and boost that light so that your eyes can see it. However, at times the darkness may be too much, so the technology may not work because there is not enough light. For example, if you are trying to see if someone is stuck in a fireworks building and a building full of smoke, night vision glasses working on image enhancement technology are just as useless as your eyes.

Another alternative is thermal imaging, which is much more effective than boosting the disappearing light in the dark. The term "thermal" can be understood by the fact that this technology is associated with heat. Every hot object, as well as some heat from the human body, is emitted in the form of infrared light. Now night vision glasses using thermal imaging technology capture the infrared light emitted from that hot object and create a field of vision. Thermal imaging technology is used when searching for a person in the dark. Although most night vision devices work on image enhancement technology.

Why does everything appear green in night vision glasses?

You must have noticed in the movie, everything is seen in the green screen in night vision glasses. but why? In fact, this is done intentionally. When the invisible light in the dark is captured and amplified, all the light rays need to be converted into electronic form. No other electronic information has color. Now you might ask, "Why not white-and-black imagery?" Pictures from night vision glasses or night vision cameras are deliberately made green (green screen) - because people's eyes are more sensitive to green. You can look at the green picture far more than the white-and-black picture.

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