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Bicycle Price in Bangladesh - Bicycle Buying Guide

Riding a good bicycle is enjoyable and an exciting hobby and is an excellent source of exercise. In many countries around the world, it is encouraged as an alternative to motor vehicle travel. Bicycle is the finest way to travel in short distance.  In Bangladesh, there are lots of people in different age are using bicycle every day. is the number one site for online bicycle shopping at best bicycle price in Bangladesh. It is featuring the best bicycle in BD from popular brands. You can choose from very high quality branded bicycles in online from ajkerdeal. Just browse our finest collection of bicycle accessories in Bangladesh only at your leading bicycle online shop in BD.

Make Way For The Bicycle in BD

The bicycles are very much environmentally friendly, so easy to use, and would keep the denizens of our cities healthy. Bicycling is one of the finest methods of urban transport today, especially in Dhaka which is a very populous city. No doubt, various cities in Bangladesh would benefit extreme greatly from a more pro active approach by the government to ensure that the bicycles become the primary mode of transportation in cities. Bangladesh’s problems with pollution are big. This is remains one of the leading causes of death in the country. Especially in the capital, if you have a bicycle you will definitely move safely from others.

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History of the Bicycle

The first ever verifiable claim for a practically, literally used bicycle belongs to a German named Baron Karl von Drais. Drais has invented his Laufmaschine a German running machine in the year of 1817. It was called Draisine. Vehicles for human transport that have only two wheel and require a certain balancing by the rider date back to the early stage of 19th century. The first ever means of transport making use of only two wheels arranged consecutively, and thus the prototype of the bicycle, is was the German draisine dating back to 1817.

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The Bicycle Safety Rules

A cyclist who loves to ride primarily needs a well maintained and very much functional bicycle. Bicycle maintenance is easy but sometimes difficult also and it needs only basic tools. So always choose a nice bicycle that suits your ability and the kind of riding. An oversized large bicycle may tilt your balance and obstructs control, so be careful. A rider should everyday check safety critical equipments such as the brakes, headsets, tires, two wheels, headlight, the pedals, chain, and the handlebars.

Most of the time traffic violations cause a numerous number of bicycle accidents in Bangladesh. Like most of the other drivers, bicyclists also must obey all the street signs and traffic rules. Lets look at some bicycle safety tips-

  • Always ride very carefully
  • Never ride with headphones
  • Give pedestrians the priority to cross over first
  • keep the bicycle in good condition
  • Never carry another person on your bicycle

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Best and Right Bicycle For You

There are an almost unlimited and numerous numbers of choices when buying a new bicycle for you. There are different bicycles that are meant to be used in competitions and daily use. The bicycles meant for daily exercise, for transportation, and even bicycles can ride for fun and enjoyment. Sometimes it can be very hard to cut through the available options to foresee which one or specific bicycle can be the best for you. The hard truth is there is no one bicycle that is the best or finest. It is simply the one that best fits your needs and desire. In order to figure out what that is it can helpful, fruitful to figure out what you really needs most are and how you intention and plan to use the bike. If you are looking for a fine mode of transportation around the Dhaka city, that can also be use for exercising, then you will definitely prefer a different or specific bicycle than one that can be used for mountain or rural biking.

An Exclusive Collection of Bicycle at Affordable Price in Bangladesh

In worldwide people are facing problem with their movement around the busy city. In this case bicycle is the best solution. May be your favorite bicycle is not good enough for you. May be you find yourself picking parts problem every day. Daily parts related problem can be frustrated. So, you need a fine and functional bicycle. In you can find hundreds of bicycle with a single click.

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