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It was around the nineteenth century when the rickshaw was presented in Bangladesh. Enlivened by the Japanese and Chinese countries, the rickshaw wound up well known as shoddy methods for transport and merchandise transporter. Since turning into a rickshaw driver was the main employment effectively accessible for workers relocating to new urban communities, it rapidly turned into a key type of job. As the years progressed, the human-supported rickshaw was gradually annihilated as a type of transport and with the ascent of car industrialization; we saw new types of mechanized business transport frameworks being presented. The auto-rickshaw was one of them.

In Bangladesh, we mostly called this “Auto”. In rural areas and even in the villages this auto rickshaw is very popular and people use these as their daily transportation system. These auto rickshaws don’t cost a lot and lots of people in villages find their earning sources driving an auto rickshaw. These types of auto rickshaw don’t use oil so it’s very natural to nature. It doesn’t create pollution at all. These rickshaws basically run through battery charge. Battery lasts up to 8-10 hours after a single charge. People generally charge their auto rickshaw in the night and drive throughout the day.

Auto rickshaws are generally three-wheeler and a maximum speed of 30-40kmph. The two window part is open and one can enjoy the village scenes while traveling by auto rickshaw.


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Auto Rickshaw Price in Bangladesh | Buy Auto Rickshaw Online

Straightforward and quick, these blustery vehicles are best to go through the thin town streets. Decked up in flower laurels and the photos of a variety of divine beings and goddesses each auto overflow an intrinsic nearby flavor.


The rambling open windows on the two sides would enable you to take a look at the commonplace town sights and sounds not at all like in a fixed cooled taxi. The driver veers and turns the vehicle easily as town men sitting on the edges pass an inquisitive look and children in school regalia present delightedly for travelers.


The vast majority of the auto drivers would love to bend over as movement directs as they mouth out the eccentricities of the town showcase and the sanctuaries as the vehicle winds its path further down the town streets. Before the finish of your voyage, you would have fallen head over heels for the appeal of this changed over the bike. Worked to convey a few people, it is an advantageous technique for going over a short separation that too at a little charge.

Auto rickshaw prices mainly vary for the battery capacity. Most of them are almost identical according to the design. Price starts from 85,000 to up to 1.65 lakh to. You have to choose according to your budget and need. All types and range of auto rickshaw are available in you just have to choose and place an order. We will take care of the delivery to your home. Buy your auto rickshaw right now and stay tuned for special discount offer. Happy Shopping with!