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Passport  and Card Holder Available in Bangladesh | Ajkerdeal 

Passport is one of the most valuable documents for any person. Basically, a passport is a travel document. It’s usually issued by a country's government. Passport certifies the identity and nationality of its holder and it’s mainly used for the purpose of international travel.

A passport is something you must carry with you for life. Any damage to the passport could result in travel complications. Even minor damage could mean having to reapply for a new passport. The passport should always be taken care of well and carefully. And to keep it well and to take care of it, you need a Passport holder.

Reasons for Using the Cardholder

The cardholder can hold many cards simultaneously. Again, there are many holders in the same bag, so the cards can be folded neatly into one bag. The card is not likely to be broken due to folding. In modern life, cardholders have become quite a smart tool for keeping cards.

Size of a Card Holder

Leather cardholders are generally more common in our country. A cardholder that is made of leather or rexine is a good choice for everyday use. They are very strong and have no fear of being torn apart. Plastic and aluminum cardholders are also on the market. There are two types of cardholders with zipper and without zipper. A cardholder usually has six or more pockets.

Various Designs of Card Holders

There are very unique and uncommon designed card holders are available in the market. There are some of them-

  • Double-zippered cardholder,
  • Medium-sized cardholder,
  • Waterproof cardholder,
  • Aluminum made cardholder,
  • Soft-leathered cardholder,
  • Full black colored cardholder for men,
  • Multi-layered cardholder, etc.

Price and Market of a Cardholder 

There is a wholesale market of cardholders in Dhaka's Chawkbazar. There are only cardholders available with real leather. Each cardholder will be available to buy from 50 takas to 150 takas there. Also, cardholders will be available at temporary wallet shops on different sidewalks of different places from 100 to 300 taka. Cardholders of various designs are also available in the showrooms of brands like Yellow, Bata, Infinity, Ecstasy, Apex, etc. The cardholders are available in these stores for prices ranging from 300 takas to 2500 taka. In addition, you can buy good quality cardholders online from home if you want. There are cardholders of various famous brands and different designs of different sizes available at You can easily choose your favorite one or can gift your dear ones from our biggest collection of cardholders.

Some Description of Card Holder and Passport Holders That are Available at AjkerDeal

Credit Card Moneybag

It is an amazing and beautiful moneybag that can be used to keep the credit cards organized in a bag and also keep money in it. The wallet has a lock system so that your cards and money will not be lost anymore. The wallet is made of plastic and hard fiber so there will be no external pressure felt on the inside. It is strong, can be carried easily. Also, it has a smart design that can give you a smart look. It can be gifted to your dear ones.  

Leather Passport Cover

The size is height o.5 inches and width 3.9 inches. This cover can be easily fitted into the front or back pocket. There can be kept passport, boarding pass, credit cards, license, and identification forms. Passports stylish leather cover can be personalized by your own choice. 

Credit Card Holder

This special credit card has a total number of six fold-out accordion slots, where credit cards, ID cards, pictures, and money can be organized easily. The most special feature of this wallet is, it can block the RFID scanning system. Thus no one can be able to copy credit card numbers. It keeps visiting cards, credit cards money safe. It is very thin and stylish. The size is-110 cm * 75 cm * 20cm. Its color is silver. 

Passport Holders

The biggest online shopping mall Ajkerdeal has the widest range of best quality Passport Holders online. A leather passport holder is very popular among the other passport holders. At Ajkerdeal, you can find many types of passport holders. There is a specific category that is named “Bag & Purse”, where you can find all the collections of Passport Holder.

Some of the best selling Passport holders online are- Leather passport holder, leather passport cover with the cardholder, waterproof passport holder, etc.

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