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Bags are one of the fashion partners nowadays. If there is no matching bag with the clothes, there will be imperfections in the get-up. There must be a bag to match the clothes and shoes. Bags are an easy way to keep essentials for parties, offices, weddings, trips, colleges, universities. Without the bag, the style seems to fit.


Even a few years ago, bags were used only as items for daily necessities, but day by day, the trend has changed and various types of stylish bags have become fashionable. Since bags are a part of fashion, carrying a matching bag with clothes can make you more stylish.


Even now the girls gather in the bag shop after buying clothes and shoes. Pick a bag that matches your outfit, keeping in mind the type of outfit girls are using in the office, college, varsity, or travel.


There are different types of bags in the market according to the demand of the buyers. Bags of different designs, colors, and sizes and bags of different styles. These include leather, rexine, cloth, and plastic bags. And there are lots of different styles you can choose from with different get-ups. Earlier in the day, when girls used bags, only one or two common colors could be seen. And now there is a combination of colorful colors to keep pace with the times.


Any colorful bags can be matched with the dress if you want. Colorful bags include Pink, Blue, Ash, Sky, Maroon, Red, White, Sky-Blue, Black, etc. Choose your bag according to clothes and needs. Earlier we saw young women using big bags, but now medium and small sizes are more fashionable. But make sure the bag is fashionable and perfect for carrying.


Carry all your belongings in style with backpacks. provides backpacks that come with much more stylish and contemporary design with multi-utility compartments.


Some Description Of Different Types of Bags Are Given Below


Framed Bag

Framed bags are those that are attached to the upper side and 2 side metal frame. The framed bag is quite heavy even when empty due to its metal frame. So it is not comfortable for regular use. Again, since it is made of hard material, it cannot be carried flat. Framed purses are also quite popular, especially with bridal and party getups. Framed bags are medium-sized and can carry many things at once.


Bucket Bag

The shape of these bags is a lot like a bucket, hence the name. These are usually flat-bottomed and open-mouthed bags with large handles/belts. It is suitable to carry this bag with a shirt. These bags are usually of medium size. The daily necessities can be easily carried.


Tote Bag

Tote bags are the most widely used and common bags. This medium to large size bags has two small straps or handles. All the girls have tote bags. This bag is very popular with specially employed women. Because it has a lot of space and can carry a lot of things together. This bag can be carried with all types of dresses like sari, kameez, western. Fashionable tote bags can be used in any program.


Baguette Bag

These bags are a little wider but smaller in length. This bag is perfect for casual daily use. This bag can be taken with any type of sari, kameez, western dress at any party, wedding, or function. They are not very large in size so you can take only the essentials like phone, lipstick, money, a mirror, and a comb.


Messenger Bag

The messenger bag has a long strap that allows it to be slung over the shoulder. Many carry this bag horizontally to one side over their chest. These bags are much more popular among students. These range from small to medium size. A few things like 2/3 books, umbrellas, water bottles, etc. can be carried in them. This bag is usually worn with a shirt and a western dress.


Clutch Bag Or Purse

The clutch bag is small but tall. Rectangular to look at and without a handle. It has to be carried in hand so its name is a clutch bag. This bag can be seen in the hands of the bride in all the wedding halls. Clutch bags are either simple or gorgeous. So it is seen to carry a clutch bag with a sari, gown, kameez at a wedding, or any party. There is very little space in this bag. So you can't keep anything without a phone, lipstick, and money.


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