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Baby wet wipes are wet wipes used to clean the sensitive skin of infants. They are saturated with solutions anywhere from gentle cleansing ingredients to alcohol-based cleaners. Baby wipes are generally sold in typical tubes that keep the clothes moist and allow for easy dispensing. Baby Wet Wipes are natural fiber and imported non-oven. It is extremely moisturizing and effective for baby. It can be available in various fragrances and sizes. provides various kind of baby wipes at a cheap price. 

Johnson’s Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes:

Johnson’s Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes are perfect to use all over newborn baby’s skin, including the bottom, hands, and delicate faces. It is clinically proven suitable for newborn skin. It is free from dies, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, alcohol, fragrance and soap. Gently cleanses without leaving behind any unwanted residue. It contains lotion with real cotton oil. Its pH balanced leaves baby’s skin soft and feeling healthy. Johnson’s Extra Sensitive Baby Wipes are available in the biggest online shop with 100% product guarantee and at a reasonable price. Buy NOW!!! 

Savlon Twinkle Baby Wipes:

Savlon Twinkle Baby Wipes cleans baby’s sensitive skin. It has large absorbency zone. It helps to protect skin and easy to wear. It is very comfortable to use. This material is pure cotton. It is leak-proof and ultra-soft. Buy your desired savlon Baby Wipes at at the cheapest price. It can available in 120 pcs in one packet.   

Supermom Mild Baby Wipes:

Supermon mild Baby Wipes is used for more than just cleaning the baby’s bottom. It is super soft and comfy. Blowing toddler’s nose is the worst. Baby wipes make it softer, less irritating, somehow possible to get off the stubborn dried snot. Wanna buy these wipes? No more delay. Hurry up and shop from the largest online shop in Bangladesh. It can be available in 80 pcs in one packet. 

Neo care Baby Wipes:

Neocare Baby Wipe is totally an herbal product. It is very soft and suitable for baby’s sensitive skin. It cleans all over baby’s body effectively. It is manufactured in a hygienic environment. It has ultra soft fabric and pH balanced. It has free harmful chemicals like- alcohol, paraben, silicone. It is microbiologically tested.  

Pozzy Baby Wet Towel Wipes:

Pozzy Baby Wet Towel Wipes is microbiologically tested and alcohol free. With its soft towel wipes structure, Pozzy Baby Wet Towel Wipes can be used for cleaning baby’s and family’s skin safely.  

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