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Kids Watches & Sunglasses Price in Bangladesh

Keeping pace with the times, children are also now quite fashion conscious. They themselves choose the product of their choice. Like adults, they also want to use clothes, shoes, bags, watches, sunglasses, etc. But watches and sunglasses are not the only fashion accessories. Watches are needed to see the time and sunglasses are needed to protect the baby's eyes from the sun.

But not only for fashion but also for the protection of the baby's eyes, the most important thing is sunglasses. Let the child buy his favorite sunglasses. And whenever you choose to buy, find out the age of the child and whether the child will like it.

Kids Watches 

Generally, there are two types of watches for babies- digital and analog. We provide all types of watches. They are perfect for young boys and girls with a definite edge as they come in a wide array of colors and prints.

There are cobra style watches with LED display. They are made of high-quality silicone strap and come with an exclusive design for your kids. They also come with a waterproof feature for the convenience of daily use. The material and finish of this watch are ultra-comfortable and trendy for your little hand.

There is also all the feature like digital display, quartz movement, etc. Ben10 wrist watches are very popular among children who are not only used as a wristwatch but also as a projector watch. Just insert the card and press the side button to see the image.  

Kids Sunglasses

The world of baby sunglasses is now much more designable, colorful, and fashionable. Color framed sunglasses for them are also available in the market. Children like these. Buy a frame of red, blue, orange, or any other color that your child likes. Beautifully designed plastic sunglasses are usually suitable for children. They are light in weight and comfortable to wear.

Children's sunglasses have an extra curved part, which is given to the baby's ear to be stuck firmly behind. The advantage of having this extra part is that even if the children run around, the sunglasses will not open easily.

Taking Care of Sunglasses

The child should be taught the correct rules while using sunglasses, this will make the sunglasses last longer. When wearing and opening sunglasses, it should be opened with both hands. And when folding, the left part should be folded first and the right part should be folded on top of it.

And when cleaning sunglasses, it is better to use the soft cloth provided with the box, if not, then it should be cleaned occasionally with a soft cotton cloth. Cleaning with something else can stain the lenses of sunglasses.

Some Watch And Sunglasses That Are Available In AjkerDeal

Babies Toy Watch

The material of this watch is alloy and the case shape is round. It is not waterproof. The dial window of this watch is glass-made. The thickness of the case is 10mm. It can be worn on any casual occasion and for fashion purposes. The band material is silicone and its length is 20cm. The type of clasp is the buckle. 

Doraemon Kids Wrist Watch

The watch has a digital display. Its materials are rubber and plastic. It has a built-in projector light, the projector is turned on when the left button of the watch is pressed. This is a uniquely designed watch, which kids love a lot.

BEN 10 Kids Watch

The watch has a digital display. Its materials are rubber and plastic. The color of this watch is green. It has a unique design. Kids love this watch a lot.

Sunglass For Kids

The sunglass is a free-sized. Age-3 to 8 years old kids can easily wear it. The glass is made of high-quality plastic. The lens color is black. It has a smooth finishing with an uncommon trendy design. The sunglass is very fashionable. The glass is made in China. 

Rubber Made Digital Watch For Kids

The color of this stylish digital watch is blue. It has a standard and smart design also. It is a rubber-made watch. 

Rubber Touch LED Digital Watch 

Rubber touch LED digital watch for kids. Its color is pink. It is a digital watch. The watch can be worn on any casual occasion and for fashion purposes also. It is very stylish and fashionable. 

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