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Toy Set for Baby Online in Bangladesh


One of the biggest challenges in shopping for baby toys is recognizing which toy will best match the developmental phase of your child. While toys are frequently graded based on age, and the following age grading is essential for safety, it is also necessary to have an impatient understanding of the education level of your child. There is no value in giving your child toys appropriate for a six-month-old if they have already relinquished the developmental stage of a nine-month-old, or vice versa. As a parent, you understand that children acquire knowledge at different paces within the beginning a few years, so be assured to purposely choose toys that match their stage of extension. You can buy toys from the largest online store in Bangladesh, Ajkerdeal. Here you can get up to thousands of products at a reasonable price.

Toy set For Boys


  1. Bowling Set Toy
  2. 6 War Battle Plane Set For Kids
  3. Electric Train & Rail Line
  4. LEGO Juniors 10740 - Fire Patrol Suitcase
  5. Action Figure Transformers Siege Chromia
  6. LEGO Star Wars 75209 - Han Solo's Landspeeder
  7. Action Figure Assasins creed Origins Aya
  8. The Game Of Life TripAdvisor Edition
  9. Block Enlighten 910 Fire Control Branch Bureau
  10. Block Enlighten 910 Fire Control Branch Bureau
  12. Blocks and Legos City series


Toy set For Girls


  1. Barbie Dream house Kitchen
  2. Doll set
  3. Baby Kitchen
  4. Doll Defa Lucy 8413
  5. Barbie and Ken Cafe Doll Set
  6. Kids Play Set Little Chef
  7. Doll My Little Doll House Playset 34 Pcs
  8. Doll Defa Lucy 8085
  9. Block Frozen Magical Ice Palace Disney Princess Decool 70217
  10. Kids Play Set Talented Chef
  11. Kids Play Set Kitchen Set Hello Kitty 26211HK
  12. Doll Baby Alive C2700
  13. Dream Bathroom DIY Doll Set
  14. Made to Move Doll 1 Blond Hair
  15. Barbie Doll Supermarket Shopping


Toys for Both Girls & Boys


  1. Soft Rubber Float Sqeeze Sound Baby Wash Bath Play Animals Toys -6 pis
  2. Wooden Jitterbugs 1 Pc
  3. Jenga Pass Challenge
  5. DIY Ice Cream Machine Toy - Blue
  6. LEGO 10709 Orange Creativity Box
  7. Wooden Vegetable and Fruit Cutter Games
  8. Fishing game 15 pc Fish Pink



One way to do this is to acquire toys consistent in various developmental stages. Colorful toys with musical buttons like this will benefit children at the six-month-old developmental stage knowledge about sound and cause and effect, and textured characteristics will improve gross motor skills. Rather than retiring this toy after your child has seized these skills, the toy has other characteristics: shape sorting and number learning. These added characteristics make this particular toy relevant until your toddler approaches the 36-month mark.



You might be struggling to help your child understand the concept of 'counting on'. Nothing you've tried works. But now you're playing a board game and it's fun! Your son is in the lead and he wants to move the pieces himself. He's ready to learn. In this magical moment, he's responsive to thoughts he wouldn't previously interest with. And so you arrive and something bangs in his mind. He has decreed a connection and the lesson is concluded.


Types of Toys


  1. Cause and Effect of Toys

Cause and effect toys encourage visual motor and grasping skills and are particularly helpful for children with autism as they yield the possibility for hand-eye coordination, sensory exploration, and monotonous sequences. These toys enable children to “cause” a type of reaction.


  1. Puzzles

Puzzles offer various developmental advantages that give children the opportunity to acquire innovative skills while they work moving a goal. Putting together a puzzle needs a child to pick up, grasp and pinch pieces; some with knobs or three-dimensional elements. This provides children a fine motor suspension a great opportunity to work on strengthening those skills. Puzzles also enhance cognitive development as they support children to learn strategy, choice and how pieces belong together to form a bigger picture.


  1. Fidget Toys

For children with ADD or ADHD, fidget toys are a reliable option to retain their hands and fingers working while the brain is engaged. These toys can efficiently help with self-regulation, promote focus and concentration, reduce stress and grant tactile awareness. There are numerous different types of fidget toys but the most effective ones offer an experience with various or extreme textures and an effective medium to prevent fingers busy.


  1. Oral Motor Stimulators

Oral motor toys are sketched to unless going in or engage a child’s mouth. These toys can be efficient stimulators for children who desire to chew or struggle with the oral motor problem.


  1. Sensory Toys

Some children with neural processing disease are under-responsive to consciousness and often require to feel strong outside sensations like texture, touch, pressure, and speed. Sensory toys afford a quick sensory acknowledgment to help children quiet down and focus their concentration. It’s necessary to make sure a child is undergoing the sensory acknowledgment he desires. If a child entreats more of or many responses, he may abuse a toy in order to obtain it, which may be dangerous.


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