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Puzzle, Word, Board Games Online In Bangladesh


Let’s browse through the Kids Toys category section below to learn more about toy accessories, the prices in Bangladesh for available toy products. And found the constructive games of a Puzzle game, Lego, Monopoly, Word game and games board in many methodologies.   

Do You Know The Benefits Of Puzzle Games?

Puzzle Games is simply evaluating a person’s ingenuity and knowledge test. Playing Puzzle Games has many purposes of brain-stimulation, improving language skills, spelling skills, increase the creative abilities, IQ levels, cognitive skills and problem-solving skills.      

Advantages Of Word Games  

Ajkerdeal site provides the best word games for kids as well as grown-ups. Word games have some specific advantages that increase the concentration of word sense, improves the vocabulary, cognitive abilities and stress relieved facts.         

Do You Know The Board Games Of Benefits?

Board games actually contribute some benefits. It's not just playing games even if it can bring people together through competitive & Cooperative gameplay. Board games have related to the way of family bondings and created happy times. It also improves memory formations, cognitive skills, reduced stress, improves the logical and critical thinking developments.    


Types Of Puzzle/ Word/ Board Games In Bangladesh

There has a huge collection of toys available for kids in Bangladesh. Here, give some listed toys products of Puzzle, Word & Board Games. Such as-


  • Frame Puzzle Game 4 In 1
  • Disney Princess Puzzle 4 In 1
  • Letter & Number Spellings Games Toys
  • Wooden Puzzle Games For Children
  • Wooden 3D Puzzle Helicopter, Plane Toy  
  • Electronic Musical Rotating Fishing Tie Game
  • Octonauts Educational Building Blocks GAmes
  • Bloco Kitten Building Kits for Kids
  • UNO Card Games
  • English Alphabet Word Blocks For Kids
  • 3D Magnetic Puzzle MagCube BuckyBalls
  • Bowling Set Toys
  • Scrabble Junior Word Games
  • Magic Square Cube toys
  • Projector Board games
  • 3D Wooden Puzzle Toy of Duck, Dinosaurs, Birds, Car & Elephants
  • Monopoly Play Set
  • Disney Pinball Board Games For Boys
  • Multicolour Ludu Mat Game
  • Jewelry Dye Games For Girls 
  • Education Board
  • Education Learning Alphabet 36 Pieces Foam
  • Despicable Me 3 Trace & Draw Minion
  • Mickey Pinball Games For Kids
  • Mini Basketball Fields 
  • X-Wing Warplane Metal 3D Puzzle
  • Craft Deco Flower Pressing Kits
  • PVC Board In 4 Popular Games
  • Mini Puzzle Box
  • “Map Of Bangladesh” Puzzle Game
  • Dinosaur Puzzle Game  


Shop For Puzzle, Word & Board Games From Ajkerdeal Online Site’s online site has large scales of more than 100k products from a number of versatile categories. One of the Bangladeshi online sites where you can find every type of product in every single thing. 

Below you will find informative and productive Puzzle, Words & Board games if you had the fondness about toys then visit and find at a reasonable price product.


“Map Of Bangladesh” Puzzle Game

This Puzzle Game solved the puzzle in the “Map Of Bangladesh” theme. This board has some pieces of solving wooden blocks, you will just solve and match the shapes on the PVC board. Then solved the “Map of Bangladesh”.

Dinosaur Puzzle Game 

This game is a 3.5 mm thick wooden board puzzle game. Size available in 12inch x 9.5 inches & Base in 5mm. 

PVC Board with 4 In 1 Popular Games

Mini PVC board game referred to the family game 4 in one. One of the 4 most popular games inside. This family board game set included 4 games in 1. Pocket size game board has Chess, Ladders, Ludo, Snakes and many other types of games.  

English Alphabet For Kids 

These alphabet words are very informative games for kids, also prefer for the child learning development and the very first stage to know the English language alphabets & words. 

Letter & Number Spelling Game Toy For Kids

Letters and Numbers Spelling Games Toy is available in Package size: 39*30*4.5cm. Materials are safe and durable plastic with magnetic letters, numbers, symbols and pen. 

Kids can use them to spell and draw. Cute drawing boards with a different colour combination, it is more attractive for kids.

Wooden 3D Puzzle Game For Kids

On our ajkerdeal site, you can also find soft toys, racing cars, remote control cars, planes, helicopter toys, toy sets collection. But we also provide some exceptional puzzle games in various techniques. 

Wooden 3D Puzzle Games is one of the puzzle games that easily assemble the block pieces to create any objects like dinosaurs, birds, cars, helicopters, planes etc. You will also find the instruction manual is included for assembling. 

Monopoly Play Set For Kids

This Monopoly game estate exchange is able to play 2 to 8 people together. It can be considered the educational Toy for kids and very entertaining also. Monopoly game estate exchange is a perfect game for children above 8years old.

Bowling Set Toy For Indoor Games 

This Bowling set toy is a good indoor game. It included six sticks and one ball. We give a good quality & imported toy set that improve physical skill as well as playing a mind involving games. If you want a Bowling set at a cheap price then visit our ajkerdeal site.