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Playmobil Toys for Baby in Bangladesh


Playmobil toys are very much popular among the children. Playmobil toys are mainly made of plastic, rubber or clay. The first Playmobil toys produced in 1974 in Germany. Playmobil toys are presented in themed series of factions as well as particular special figures and playsets. New products and product lines produced by a 50-strong development team are introduced constantly, and older sets are abandoned. The promotional and one-off commodity is sometimes formed in very limited amounts. These practices have served to provide acceleration to a sizeable community of collectors. Collector activities spread beyond collecting and free-form play and combine customization, miniature wargaming, and the invention of photo stories and stop motion films, or easily as decoration. You can find different types of Playmobil toys the largest online store in Bangladesh, Ajkerdeal.

Playmobil Invention

New Playmobil sets are discharged over two years, with the non-export markets getting recent sets first, then the export markets enduring them after one year. This is done so that Playmobil will only have to execute one very costly mold for each latest piece, and still be capable of manufacturing the first stock of the new set. This first stock is what originally stocks store shelves; after-ward Playmobil produces smaller amounts to refill ledge following demand. To generate sufficient sets to release them to the whole world at the same time, Playmobil would require to buy two of each mold. Ultimately, as the product for the piece slowed down, the second parasite would be worthless.

Non-export markets:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway

Largest Playmobil sets need some assembly by the buyer. Buildings mainly come with complete instructions for installing them together. Playmobil building components were basically designed to fit together utilizing a system of tabs and slots recognized as "Steck-System". In recent years a new construction system has been launched with the tabs and rather uses small connector pieces and a specific tool. This is recognized as "System-X" and is now the standard Playmobil production system, Steck-System having been eliminated without special reissues.

Types of Playmobil

  • kids mobile Toy
  • DORA Doremon Shaped Piano
  • Plastic Ben 10 Walkie Talkies Toy - Green and Black
  • Penguin Clay Set

These are the popular Playmobile in Bangladesh. Children are very fond of this kind of Playmobile. You can buy this kind of Playmobil toys from the largest online store in Bangladesh, Ajkerdeal.

Bootlegs and unauthorized figures

In 1978, Schenk, a German-Hungarian firm, started to imitate bootleg Playmobil figures. They had not obtained any permission or license from geobra Brandstätter. Schenk produced precise copies of the original toy, though some sets were transformed to generate different types of sets, normally military, from Hungarian history. 

Schenk figures also yield various colors from their Playmobil complements. They were also presented with lower plastic. Following the collapse of socialism, a 1995 court ruling forbade the production and circulation of the Schenk figures. The buyer of Schenk, Károly Schenk, was permitted to sell off his surviving toy figures only in Hungary until March 1996. However, Schenk bootlegs may still be accessible in toy shops in Hungary.

Bootleg sets also have been produced in China. These sets are not marketed as Playmobil, though they are indistinguishable in terms of appearance. Sets incorporate a "Noshery", "Pirate Island", and ancient figures.

Product labeling and criticism

Playmobil has earned criticisms for the lack of existence of the Catalan Language in the labeling of its products in Catalonia despite being bound by current legislation. Catalan customers mobilized in multiple actions to demand not to be discriminated against and to demand the company to comply with the laws established by the Parliament of Catalonia equivalently as it did with the rest of the European legislation on labeling. 

European factories

There are presently three principal factories in Europe: Germany, Malta, and Spain. Every location specializes in a distinct area of production and parts that are required to accumulate a set are delivered to the depot where the items will be installed together and put in their final packaging before the sale. Malta specializes in inventing the characters and a few accessories, Spain specializes in accessories, and Germany executes the bigger items such as ships and castles.

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