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Kids School Shoes in Bangladesh |

School is the first educational institute of a child. Those who start going to school for the first time, become excited. Their parents are also excited as it is a memorable day. So the preparation for going to school should be taken on a large scale.

To start school, a student needs some important things. Some of them are school dress, bag, school uniform, shoes, water bottle, tiffin box, pencil box, and others. Each and everything should be bought carefully.

Kids going to school in the morning in a school uniform looks good. Parents are taking their children to school. It is a fascinating scenario to watch. We all want our kids to be well prepared before sending them to schools. When it comes to Kids shopping, parents want the best products for their kids. And in Bangladesh, the biggest online marketplace Ajkerdeal has the best quality products for your kid. From kid’s T-shirt, shirt to kid’s pant, from kid’s watches to kid’s sunglasses, casual shoes to kid’s school shoes, your favorite online shopping mall Ajkerdeal has it all.

After a vacation or at the starting of a new year, every parent wants their kids to have a new pair of school shoes. At Ajkerdeal, you will find the widest range of School shoes online and the best quality Kids School Shoes in Bangladesh at the best price. Check out our latest collection of various brands. We are always up to date according to the fashion sense. Your kids will love our collection of school shoes.

Things Should be Keep In Mind Before Buying School Shoe For Kids

When buying something for kids, the first thing to keep in mind is whether it will be comfortable for them. It is not right to buy anything without ensuring their comfort and ease. Children's health is more important than fashion. Especially when buying their shoes, you have to buy very carefully.

  • It is better not to wear very tight shoes for children. Since this time is the growing time of children, very tight or tight shoes can be harmful to the baby's feet.
  • Leather shoes should be chosen for the child's school. It is better to avoid shoes made of fancy plastic or any other material from the very beginning. Otherwise, the child's legs may feel uncomfortable.
  • The weight of the baby's shoes is not too much, it will hurt when the baby walks or moves his feet.
  • Many people think that it is better to buy one size of school shoes for a child. This is a completely wrong idea. The size of the child's shoes needs to be exactly the size of his feet.
  • Take a good look at the sole of the shoe when buying school shoes. If necessary, put shoes on the child, walk and check if he is comfortable in it. It is better not to buy shoes with very hard soles.
  • Usually, keds shoes are good for kids' feet when they first go to school. It is quite soft and the kids get comfortable later. Many schools also recommend wearing black oxford shoes. It is also good and comfortable for the baby's feet.

Last but not the least, no matter what shoe you buy, it is desirable that the shoe should be comfortable for the baby's feet. Let the child's first school going should be enjoyable.

Some Kids School Shoes That Are Available in AjkerDeal

School Keds

The keds’ color is pure white. Its material is artificial leather. Sizes available- 31,32,33,34,35, and 36.

LED Shoe Lace 

The laces are suitable for any kinds of shoes. The color of the laces is 

orange. The laces have LED bulbs that will be glow at night. Only lace is here, no shoe is available with it.

Boys High Boot

The shoe is very fashionable, durable, and comfortable The upper material is pure leather, and the sole material is rubber. Colors available- black and chocolate. Sizes available- 31, 32, 33 only black. The shoe is made in China.

School Keds

The upper material is artificial leather, and the sole material is light rubber. It has a non-slippery sole. It is very light and easy to wear. The keds are made in China. Sizes available - 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36।

Ajkerdeal has a huge collection of Non-branded and branded school shoes for kids. Some of the best selling kid’s school shoes online in Bangladesh are- white keds shoes, black & white school shoes, black leather shoes, oxford shoes, slip-on, and boy’s lace-up school shoes.

Not only boy’s school shoes, at Ajkerdeal, you will also find various collections of girl’s school shoes, like- school pumps shoes, lace-up shoes, etc.

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