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Kids Learning and Book Online in Bangladesh

There is no way to deny that Education is the backbone of a nation. One nation cant be developed without educating its future generation. Babies of today are the future of tomorrow. So it is our duty to ensure education for our kids. The first book of a kid is very interesting and exciting to them. These books are full of the motto that they need to grow up as good human beings as well as knowing new things about our culture, religion, and ethics. If you are thinking of your baby should start learning, you can give a book to those soft hands. Learning and books for beginners are not available everywhere., the largest online marketplace in BD cares for your baby’s startup to study. Childhood learning & books are available online for your baby.


Why Books?

Books are the first thing that introduces a baby that something in this world is important to do. Nowadays kids are being blessed with modern technology. They started learning from modern devices but these things are not good for ultimate knowledge. The feeling for the first book for a baby cant be described.


Chora Diye Pora:

Book Name: Chora Diye Pora, By Muhammad Shamsur Rahman, Publisher: The University Press Limited (UPL). There is no shortage of alphabet education books in our country. But most alphabet books are not well-designed. Babies need to be taught the proper pronunciation of each sound. Then the children will be able to speak beautiful and pure. This book has a sweet rhythm with each letter. There is a repetition of the acoustic sound in the rhythms. Frequent reading of the rhythms will cut off the baby's tongue in the pronunciation of the sound; At the same time, pronunciation will be perfect. In addition, the rods were composed by first using each letter directly (without adding A-Car, E-Car, etc.). This will easily identify the child with the original pronunciation of the words. No worry about the price. The price is not bigger than the education of your baby.


Arabic Letter learning Book:

Muslim kids should learn the ethics of Islam. Arabic Letter learning Book is essential for Muslim kids to know the religious infrastructure. According to the new education designation, all kindergarten schools in Bangladesh are suitable for Pre-Cadet School, Primary School, Mission School, Model School, TutorialHome, Multimedia School, NGO School, Public School, Board, Madrasah and Primary School students. The price is reasonable to shop online. Order now and make your baby learn Arabic.


Onnorokom Science Box:

What is Magic of Magnet? Bar magnets, neodymium magnets, iron pullets, compasses, switches, gems clips, ring magnets, toy crocodiles, toy superman, pencils, motors, reed switches, yarn, foam, oval magnets and more! With these? Make magic motors using neodymium magnets, batteries, and nails; Last type of music to create a big magnet baby magnets by creating a textbook, in theory, be applied, hand touch, without any object to move, magnetic balance, creating acumbaka substances with the magnet in contact with the slow-motion magic show, calling Bell made tarake jumps to help others. The total number of experiments is -20. The magnet thing is weird! It is strange how or why they come to each other, and why or why they move away! And by using this attraction and repulsion religion, magnets can be made of magnets, magnets can be made, switches can be made! There are a total of 20 Mind-Blowing Experiments in the magnet surprise.


Buy Multifunctional Magnetic drawing board online in BD:

product name: multifunctional magnetic drawing and writing board, weight of the product: 1.3kg, Package size: 48 * 40 * 3cm, board size: 47 * 39 * 1.7cm. sketchpad can draw and write size, 32 * 32cm Material: imported from New Zealand pine + environmental protection non-toxic water-based paint packing quantity: 36 pieces, Accessories: a blackboard eraser, watercolor pen, chalk box. five operational symbol stickers, 26 letters, 20 numbers placed, age: 2 above the baby, product function: painting can play to the imagination of children, is a way to express feelings. painting can be the flexibility and coordination exercise of the child's hands, is a good way to keep the child well in observation of things, understanding the characteristics of things. painting can also develop the function of the right brain, it is beneficial for the development of intelligence, there are all kinds of calculation using things, parents can teach your baby to learn oh features of the product: many functions in addition to the above-mentioned items, but also has small calculation frame count, small ball, small clock, children learn better, and is suitable for wide age group. small blackboard can draw and write free, erase rubbing on a none, whiteboard magnetic, can be attached to the symbol of what you post, also can use water stroke writing, written above a brush head, also can use a wet towel to rub on a no, (yes, so easily, my mother will not be the heart of my studies), a method is also the father and mother of fatherhood. note: the new painting Writing board base on both sides of the connecting strip is primary, unpainted, with photos of different, does not affect its use.

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