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A T-shirt is a fashion of fabric shirt identified after the T shape of its body and sleeves. Traditionally it ought to short sleeves and a round neckline, identified as a crew neck, which lacks a collar. T-shirts are commonly made of a stretchy, light and inexpensive fabric and are effortless to wash. In Ajkerdeal online shop you find a thousand types of t-shirts with various kinds of design. Ajkerdeal brought some amazing collection for boys, kids there are various types of T-shirts & Polo shirts. Here you find some amazing T-shirts & Polo Shirts for boys at a reasonable price.

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  • Angry Bird T-shirt
  • Minions T-shirt
  • Spiderman T-shirt
  • Batman T-shirt
  • Doraemon T-shirt
  • Superman T-shirt
  • Pubg T-shirt
  • Cartoon Emoji T-shirt

And many more designable t-shirt is available here for kids.

In between these t-shirts, Ajkerdeal also have some designable Polo shirt also

  • US Polo Assn.
  • J & J
  • H & M
  • Plain

And many more designable  Polo shirt is available here for kids.

In Ajkerdeal Online store you found 

  • Thematic 
  • Texted
  • Designable
  • Solid Colored
  • Full Steve T-shirt
  • Bangla T-shirt
  • Combo offer T-shirts

And many more t-shirt as you want.

A T-shirt typically protracted to the midriff. Modifications of the T-shirt, such as the V-neck, have been generated. A related item is the T-shirt clothes or T-dress, a dress-length T-shirt that can be used without pants. Long T-shirts are further sometimes used by women as nightgowns. A 1990s tendency in women's clothing requisite tight-fitting cropped T-shirt or crop tops small enough to expose the midriff. Another less trendy is wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt of a divergent color up a long-sleeved T-shirt, which is recognized as layering. T-shirts that are narrow to the body are named fitted, tailored or baby doll T-shirts.


At the end of the 19th century, the outside movement became essential for the British ruling class. Jodhpur pants and polo shirts turn into part of the apparel for horse-related sports. The two garments were returned from India by the British, onward with the game of polo. Picture time at the end of the 19th century, probably in India, reveals players exhausting a striped polo shirt.

Concert T-shirt

One of the numerous fashionable colors for concert T-shirts is flat black. Fans buy or collect these shirts to wear to come to concerts, usually with jeans, dark-colored trousers or skirts. Fans may use the shirt of one band to a concert of different to exhibit their appreciation in a particular variety of music or loyalty to another band.


Tourist T-shirt

A tourist T-shirt is a shirt associated with travel or a vacation. In current years, T-shirts have grown a popular gift or souvenir. Tourist T-shirt ideas are typically screen printed with pictures and words precisely combined with a particular city, country or culture. The T-shirts convey or explain something regarding the place or places a person has been.


Course T-shirt

A course T-shirt is an engraved T-shirt with a military unit's symbol on it, printed up as a souvenir of attending and/or graduating a procedure of guidance. Printed shirts manner unit insignia date back to slightly the Second World War.


Art T-shirt

Various contemporary artists use a T-shirt as a tarpaulin for their work. Art T-shirts can likewise be mass-produced with screen printing. Great artists to have published T-shirts are Keith Haring, Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst and KAWS.


Merchandise T-shirt

A merchandise T-shirt is a shirt affiliated with a brand or trademark. It is familiar to see popular bands, musicians, sports teams and TV characters being printed on T-shirts for the retail clothing commerce to drive extra revenue. Owners of brands and trademarks can license them to distributors to distribute T-shirts that carry their brand or trademark for retail purposes as well.

T-shirts are the most suitable options for youthful people to preserve themselves fit in winter or summer. In the winter, youthful people use light clothes full-sized T-shirt and on the other hand, light cotton linen t-shirts endure on. T-shirts are now produced with various colors and designs.

Round neck, collar or V-neck, any kinds of T-shirts are on the boy’s favorite list. But one-liner on T-shirts but a large hit. There is a collection of t-shirts stretched with tiny slogans. With him, there are multiple cartoons and funny slogans. And the large showroom from the sidewalk, the cartoon of 'Angry Bird' can be seen in all the places in the T-shirt. However, the T-shirts provided by a collar or stripe are related to themselves.

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