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There are hardly any parents who are not conscious of their children’s teeth. Often we have to face many questions about children’s milk teeth. The baby’s first tooth appears at the age of five to six months. The first two teeth appear in front of the lower girdle. After that the remaining five milk teeth, that is a total of 20 milk teeth or deciduous teeth come into the baby’s mouth. From this time children dental care and for this toothpaste and toothbrush are very much important.

Toothpaste is a substance used with a toothbrush for the purpose of cleaning the accessible surfaces of teeth.  It is used for cleaning, polishing, removal of stains, reduce the incidence of tooth decay, reduction of oral malodors. Toothpaste delivers active ingredients such as fluoride or xylitol to help to prevent tooth and gum diseases. It is easy to use and available in a collapsible tube. The baby toothbrush is an oral hygiene instrument used to clean teeth, gums, and tongue. Children are suitable with small head bristles or hairbrushes. Brushes are available in different sizes in the market from 3 to 5 years and 8 to 12 years. 

Baby Finger Brush:

When it comes to oral care, it’s good to start with a toothbrush. The Finger ToothBrush makes it easy to clean your squirmy little one baby’s teeth, without losing your sanity. A gentle massage with the Finger Brush can go a long way in alleviating teething woes. It is a silicon-based finger toothbrush. It is suitable for storage and travel. It is bacteria resistant and BPA free brush.  Use the finger brush from three months and up, then graduate to start to teach your kiddo how to brush on their own. Buy original Baby Finger Toothbrush at the lowest price from the biggest online shop and keep your child healthy. Grab NOW!!!  

Orecare Toothpaste For Kids:

Orecare Toothpaste For Kids keeps children’s mouth clean and give them a natural color. It strengthens teeth and gums. It enhances anti-acids and anti-allergic teeth. This strawberry flavored toothbrush removes bacteria and prevents cavities. It gives a fresh breath fro long term and strengthens the enamel and prevents premature wear of teeth. It is specially designed for children. It only contains natural ingredients and these are- Sorbitol, Silica, Glycerin. Aqua. flavor, Titanium Dioxide, Carrageenan, etc. It contains a warranty for 3 years. 

Buy Oracle Toothpaste For Kids at a reasonable price from the biggest online shop which delivers in easy and fastest way containing 100% real product. 

2080 Kids Toothpaste (Korean):

2080 Kids Toothpaste is a total oral care brand developed in Korea. It is a herbal tea toothpaste which contains natural fruit ingredients like Apple, Banana, and Strawberry with xylitol, vitamins, and calcium. It prevents cavity, odors and protects your gums and teeth. This product is available in  the largest online shop in Bangladesh. provides original product with cheapest price. So search online and grab it NOW!!!  

Farlin Baby Hair Comb and Brush Set:

Farlin Baby Hair Comb and Brush Set is the most demanded product for children. It is very cute and compact in size. It is easy to comb for fine hair. It is suitable from 0+ baby’s tangled hair. It is very much hygienic, safe and healthy. Buy Farlin Baby Hair Comb and Brush Set easily with fastest delivery from the biggest online shop at a reasonable price and ENJOY!!!  

Baby Tongue Cleaner Cum Teether:

Baby Tongue Cleaner is a silicon-based cleaner. It eliminates bacteria that cause cavities and bad breath in the mouth. The head of the tongue cleaner is made of a safe rubber that causes no harm to the baby’s mouth. It is a unique design that has both sided brush for cleaning teeth. It is made from 100% toxic and BPA free and of course easy to carry. Buy your original cleaner from

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