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Baby carrier / Trolley at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Baby carriers are soft padded carriers that you consume on your front. Some have adaptable options so you can simply hold your baby on your back or hip.

Baby backpacks

Baby backpacks usually have strong frames to sustain the weight of your baby. It’s largely suitable for older babies and toddlers who can handle their heads.

Baby slings

Baby slings are essentially stripes of fabric that are located securely across your shoulder and you can comfortably adjust this crossed your front in numerous positions. offers a broad variety of baby carriers in Bangladesh. We have a large collection of baby carrying bags from very famous brands throughout the world. We assure our product quality and continuously do care about our client’s delight. Purchase your baby carrier from AjkerDeal because we provide the best price in Bangladesh online market.

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Types of Baby Carrier

Ring slings

These are baby carriers that work dynamic tension, a length of cloth and metal or nylon rings. One end of the material is fastened to two rings. The material wraps around the wearer's body from shoulder to reverse hip and back up to the shoulder, and the end is attached through the rings to build a buckle effect. The baby sits or lies in the resulting hole. Once a catapult is threaded, it can be exerted off and placed back on without rethreading. A threaded compress completes a loop of cloth. The wearer can place one arm and the head into the loop of cloth to place the sling back on.

Pouch slings

These are commonly formed by a broad piece of fabric sewn into a tubular shape. Manageable, or fitted receptacles do not have rings or additional hardware. Adaptable pouches may fit with zippers, snaps, buckles, clips, rings, drawstrings, velcro, and additional methods. Most containers have a hook sewn in to shape the cloth to the parent's body and keep the baby further securely than a simplistic straight tube.


Wraps are stretches of fabric, which are bound around both the baby and the wearer and then fastened. There are various carrying positions possible including a wrap, depending on the expansion of the fabric. A baby or toddler can be conducted on the wearer's front, back or hip. Including shorter wraps it is conceivable to do a one-shouldered carry, comparable to those done among a pouch or a ring sling, although largest carries involve the fabric stretching over both shoulders of the wearer and often throughout the waist to offer maximum support.

Simple pieces of cloth

Pieces of cloth can be transformed into slings by covering the fabric around the carrier and the baby and unless tying it by knots or using a twist and tuck method to secure the edges. Rebozos (Mexico), mantas (Peru), kangas (Africa) and selendangs (Indonesia) are all rectangular pieces of cloth but are bound or wrapped in various different ways. Wraps are more simple pieces of cloth.

Other types of slings and baby carriers

Modern structured carriers, soft structured carriers that can be employed on front or back, structured front packs and hard-framed backpacks are additionally used. Hip carriers may be similarly related to ring slings or they may be further closely similar to a mei tai, and many different types of fasteners are used in several models. Largest soft structured carriers are loosely based on the common mei tai among a main flat panels and four straps which are compressed and fitted among buckles for added convenience.

Buy Baby Carrier Online in Bangladesh

Babies like being cradled in your arms all across the day. Just keeping your baby in your lap all day extended is not possible unless you have arms of steal. A baby carrier can assist you moving everywhere along with your little infant. AjkerDeal extends a great assortment of baby carriers for you.

Baby carrier is a constraint preferably than fashion. While at home, you can apply a swing or bouncy seat and can handle a stroller when you go outside for a walk or walking around the market. But, by adopting a baby carrier you can do your stuff hands-free while your baby is resting on your shoulder.

Largest of the parents like baby carriers as their favorite baby goods. Because by adopting this product one can proffer relaxation to the arms and you can comfortably carry your baby at your bosom. This is more a very helpful and great thing to apply if you need to travel or walk around along with your child.

There are various types of things in baby carriers, baby backpacks and baby slings for taking your baby on your chest or back.