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Baby Bathtub at Cheap Price in Bangladesh 

Bathing your baby in a regular-sized bathtub can be very terrifying in many cases. But in a baby bathtub, the experience for both can be very amazing. has a good reputation in taking care of the baby to old man-all. Thinking about the safety of a baby, we have enriched our collection with various baby care products. We also have brought a good collection of baby’s bathtub. Nowadays, we have lots of choices for our little ones like foldable tubs, tubs with a sling, inflatable tubs, bucket tubs, and baby swimming pool.

Baby does not fear to do anything. Messing around is their primary job in the house. In the bathing time, they are even more excited and messier. So, the parents face a hard time while bathing their children. A baby bathtub can solve this issue and can give some relaxation to the parents.

Bathing in the bathtub is really fun. You can easily make your child happy and also keep safety in mind. Because nothing is more precious than them, we all remain very conscious of our little children & always want the best products in the world for them. AjkerDeal understands your feeling, that’s why this online store is filled with only authentic and good quality products.

Some Baby Bathtubs That Are Available In Ajkerdeal

Inflatable Baby Swimming With Pumper

This swimming pool is suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old. Size: 34 x 10 inches and made of PVC material. It is durable. Made in safe material and its shape is portable, so it can be conveniently carried anywhere. It is provided with a pump, with the help of which it can be easily inflated and vented if desired.

Baby Bath Shower Cap

Baby shower caps can easily protect your baby from soap or shampoo foam. The baby should wear this cap while bathing. This cap will also protect your baby from sunlight when you go out. Again, you can use it while cutting the baby's hair, it will not get hair on the baby's nose, eyes, and ears. It has three buttons that allow you to make the cap as small or large as your child’s needs at any time.

It is made of silicone. Colors available - Pink, Blue, and Yellow. Size - 295 * 280 * 2.5 mm. It is environmentally friendly and safe for the baby. This cap is quite attractive to look at, smooth, and flexible. Adapts easily to your baby's head. It is healthy, easy to wear.

Baby Bather

This bather is very effective for the healthy and safe bathing of your little baby. It can be used for bathing from newborn to 3-year-old child. It can be easily carried if desired. In this bather, the baby can be bathed in a convenient position.

Inflatable Baby Bathtub 

This bathtub is perfectly safe for children. Brand new product. Its size is 95 x 60 x 30 cm. It is suitable for use by children from 0 to 3 years. Its colors are available - blue and pink.

SWIMMING VEST Inflatable Life Jacket

Collect this inflatable life jacket today if you want to get your baby safely down to the swimming pool, bathtub or pond. If you use this jacket, you will be able to take the baby down in any water and swim safely and without fear. It is made of PVC material and this jacket is suitable for use by children from 3 to 6 years.

Baby Boat

Now the baby will be bathed with more joy. Baby boats have animal prints that your baby will enjoy. It can be easily used in large size baby bathtub, pond or swimming pool. Its size is 75 × 52 cm in an inflated condition and 75 × 60 cm in the un-inflated condition. This boat is suitable for children aged 1.5 to 3 years. The material of this boat is Vinyl chloride resin. 

There are different types of baby bathtubs on our Site for the parents to choose the right one for your beloved baby. Convertible tubs are one of them which are designed for babies aging from newborn to toddlers. They have a removable sling to keep your newborn higher in the water and closer to you. Foldable tubs are another type of baby bathtub which is very useful while you travel but this may not be solid and sturdy like the other ones.

AjkerDeal offers a great collection of the baby bathtub for your beloved child. You can pick your right bathtub for your baby while playing with your baby. Because now you can shop online on from home.

We ensure only the top quality products on our Site. We offer the best price for a baby bathtub in Bangladesh. So, browse through to find out your desired bathtubs and just click to order. We will deliver your product at your doorstep. Keep in touch with us for more upcoming baby & kids products as we regularly update our inventory according to the market.