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Zojirushi Top Japanese Manufacturer Brand Online in BD

Zojirushi Brand, mainly Ichikawa Brothers Trading Company, was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1918. In the years that followed, Zojirushi established itself as a top manufacturer brand of household products and made every ordinary life more comfortable and convenient. The development of the latest technologies to create a constant stream of such top products continues.

Zojirushi Brand’s Philosophy 

Although many things have changed and lifestyles have become more diverse day by day and that is why Zojirushi continues to be reflected in many products and services of the Zojirushi brand with the company's corporate philosophy of "creating a quality of life".

Zojirushi Theme of “Inspiration from Everyday Life”

Zojirushi Brand Based on the theme and recognized as a corporate slogan of inspiration from everyday life. The Zojirushi Corporation brand is moving forward considering that people everywhere are looking for products and services that can make their lives more enjoyable, easier, and more satisfying as diversified lifestyles and changes.

The Name Transformation of Zojirushi Corporation And It's Meaning

The first corporate name in 1953 was Kyowa Vacuum Bottle Co., Inc. The elephant was then adopted as the Zojirushi corporate logo by changing their name to the Zojirushi Corporation in 1961; ZO also means elephant in Japanese, which means known as a symbol of strength, familiarity, intelligence, and identity.

Zojirushi Kitchen Appliance Brand 

The Zojirushi brand started producing and selling their vacuum bottles around 1923 and their special symbol elephant was adopted as a trademark. But this Japanese multinational brand manufactured kitchen appliance products. They are basically marketers of vacuum flasks, beverage dispensers. 

Also has consumer electronics including bread machines, electric kettles, coffee maker, hot water dispensers, electric water boilers, and rice cookers products. Zojirushi will continue to be an organization that treats buyers and cares and considers the basics of their kitchen products in terms of the environment. As such, they give people a sense of confidence and satisfaction in actively bringing products and services to the market.

ZOJIRUSHI DL-718 of Super Blender For Kitchen Solution 

If you find the Multi-functional design blender for your kitchen solution then use Zojirushi branded Blender for blending, grinding, meat mincing & filter. It has a safe operation touching point and over-heat protecting system. Blender has selectable 4 switches 2 speeds, 6 switches with 4/8 speeds, 1.5L capacity of blending jar. Power works in 300w with 110~120V/220~240V voltage. 

Zojirushi Considered A Groundbreaking Technological Corporation 

Zojirushi Corporation is known as a type of Public KK as a stock corporation multinational company that was introduced in 1918 and proudly served its products in Japan, East Asia, and the US. Moreover, the history of the Zojirushi symbol goes back to the 1918 glass-lined vacuum bottle, which was made for home use using vacuum insulation, which was considered a groundbreaking technology at the time.

ZOJIRUSHI Branded 4 in 1 Blender Machine

If you are looking for a Zojirushi branded product then browse the site and get the variety of products of this brand. You will find the best multi-functional design features of blending, grinding, mincing & filter with a variety of switches at different speeds. 

Usually, you can find it in a multicolor and safe operation touching point. Zojirushi 4 in 1 blender machine gives the over-heat protecting system with a one-year motor warranty. Detachable parts of the blender make sure the task easy for cleaning and storing. 

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