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Buy Original YEMA Products at Cheap Price in Bangladesh

Bike riding is now a popular passion for teenagers. It's also become very famous among ladies. Also, ladies are now using scooters and bikes as regular transportation. However, you should ride your bike safely. Unless careless and rough riding can cause danger like accidents. So that you should ensure your safety and security while you are riding. For riding, a helmet is an essential part. So that it can protect you from any unexpected injury and accident. YEMA is a good Chinese brand that produces high-quality bike helmets for the bikers. Let’s check details about the YEMA brand and its price in Bangladesh. So that you can buy safety bike helmets for your bike riding.

About YEMA

YEMA is a brand by Lanxi Yema Motorcycle Fittings Co. Ltd. Established in 1998. With 20+ years of experience, they are pioneer bike helmet manufacturers in the market. 

YEMA is a Chinese brand and specializes in designing, developing bike helmets in the industry. With a lot of technical support, they have been manufacturing bike helmets for the last 2 decades. They produce almost 2.5 million helmets every year.

YEMA is ISO certified for its safety standard and passed the International Quality Management system for its products. 

YEMA helmets come with technical and professional expertise. They are pioneers in quality control and with their standard design, they capture the local and international market. Also, they gain huge popularity among the world wide bikers.  

Products by YEMA

YEMA has produced all types of bike helmets with the full or half face. Their helmets are also good for off-road biking. Even their kid’s helmets are also popular.

  • Full face helmet
  • Half Face Helmet
  • Off-road helmet
  • Modular helmet
  • kids’ helmet

YEMA Helmets are perfect for rough use. So that you can choose any of these helmets for your regular riding. At the same time, you can ensure your kids security with their kids’ helmets, while your kids are on the bike.

You can choose YEMA full or half-face bikes based on your comfortability. These helmets are strong enough to protect. As they are passed with the international safety standard.  

Where to Buy

You can buy YEMA helmets from anywhere you like. Being a Chinese brand, you can easily find YEMA brand helmets all over. But if you can from a big store, you can get some advantages like after-sales service. Besides, you can trust them for the quality of products and services. At the same time, you can get the wholesale rate from big stores.

Again, you can buy YEMA helmets from online stores like is a country’s biggest online store for any kind of product. You can easily search and buy from their app and online site.

A lot of bike accessories along with YEMA helmets available on So that you can buy your best one at the best price.

Reason to Buy

You can buy any helmets for ensuring your safety. At the same time, you need to choose a strong helmet for your own protection. So that only a good brand can support you mostly with their perfect helmet. You can choose the YEMA brand for a couple of reasons.

Still, you are confused then consider these facts to choose YEMA.

  1. World-Class Design
  2. Comfortability
  3. High Quality
  4. Safety Certificate
  5. Price Affordability
  6. Choice Varieties
  7. Performance
  8. World-Wide Popularity
  9. Brand Value
  10. Raiders Satisfaction  

You can choose YEMA for any of these reasons. Above all safety comes first then comes fashion and style.

Price on is a great place to buy bike helmets and accessories. You can buy it by matching your bike. So that it looks very eye catchy to everyone. always offers the best one to its customers. So that you can get the best quality within your budget. With a lot of variation, you can choose any of these products. At the same, you can be satisfied with their offers and choice variety.  

  • YEMA brand helmets price starts from 1,000Tk at
  • You can buy unisex YEMA bike helmets within 1,000 Tk to 1,200 Tk.
  • At the same time, you can buy mid-range YEMA bike helmets between 1,200 Taka to 1,500 Tk.
  • Similarly, YEMA's full or half-face bike helmet can cost you between 1,500 Tk to 2,000 Tk.
  • Within 3,000 Tk you can get any standard safety bike helmet for your bike. Also, if your budget is within 4,000 to 5,000 Tk, you can get higher quality bike helmets with lots of unique features.
  • At the same time, you can buy racing bike helmets within 10,000 Tk from   


Bike riding is always exciting and thrilling. So that you need to ride with safely. In case of safety, helmets come to the first priority. A good helmet ensures your safety as well as comfortability during riding. That’s why you need to choose a perfect safety helmet for your bike. Also, you need to allocate your budget and for the other bike accessories. Above all, the YEMA brand’s helmets and accessories can be a budget-friendly brand for you. So, enjoy your ride by ensuring safety and security.