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XBK Helmet

Riding a bike is always a passion. Unlike regular riding, bike riding is more adventurous. So that you can enjoy the thrill and ensure safety at the same time. Without safety, riding can be dangerous for you as well as for your bike. So, to ensure your safety you need to choose security gears and accessories for your bike. Here, a helmet is the most common and priority for the biker’s safety. You need to choose your helmet carefully. So that it can give you the ultimate support while you are on your riding seat. At the same time, your helmet needs to ensure the highest comfortability ever. And then you will face no uncomforting during a long road ride.

About XBK Helmet

XBK helmets are almost a common helmet. These helmets are manufactured by Xingbaike Bicycle Manufacturing Co. Ltd. That is a Chinese company. Xingbaike is mainly popular for bike parts and children's toys. They are one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the industry. As well as they now export over the world.

XBK is a short initial of Xingbaike. They produce high-quality bike helmets alongside other bike parts and components. They are also famous manufacturers of children’s toys.

The raw materials of the XBK bike are plastic. With the advanced technology and mechanical equipment, they manufacture XBK helmets for the bikers. These mostly suit MTB bikes.  

This manufacturing company is highly experienced with advanced facilities with huge factory support. Also, they are very skillful in the industry. With a strong R & D team, they develop and design their new products for their customers. So that they gain a strong trust and belief of their clients. They are remarkable for their quality, price affordability, and their good service.

Where to Buy XBK Helmets

As a Chinese brand, XBK helmets are commonly used by all levels of bikers. So that you can find it almost everywhere. You can buy XBK helmets from your local bike stores and showrooms. But make sure to check the quality and aftersales service before buying. So that you get the solution in case of facing any issue.

However, you can also buy the XBK helmets from online stores easily. You can get all models and your preferred color to buy from online stores. But make sure to buy from a trustworthy online site. is one of the best online stores in Bangladesh. So that you can buy all riding accessories and gears alongside XBK helmets for your bike.  

Price on always offers you the best price among the online market. So that you can get the best one for you.

A large number of merchants/sellers work with so that they can offer you various price ranges based on the quality. You can simply choose the best one by matching your budget. has a huge collection of bike helmets and other accessories. So that you can choose based on your color or preference.

XBK regular bike helmet will cost you 800Tk-1,000Tk.

You can buy half-face XBK helmets within the cost of 1,000tk to 1,200Tk.

Again, full face XBK bike helmets will cost you around 1,500Tk.

You can also buy better quality searching and matching with your bike. Within 2,000Tk-2,500Tk you can easily buy XBK high-quality helmets for your safe ride.

Quality of the Product

XBK helmets are commonly found on every bike store near you. So that you can check the quality of these helmets easily. As a regular and rough use, XBK bike helmets are suitable. So that you no need to be worried about the quality of these helmets. always tries to ensure the quality within the price. They always mention all the specifications and necessary information within the product description box. You can check them clearly without any hesitation. In case of any queries, you can use the comment section to get the answers to your queries. always tries to give you the best one within the best price.

Again, to ensure the replica and originality of any product, mentions the word ‘copy’ or ‘replica’. So that you can know what types of products you are buying from


Motorbikes are now a popular vehicle all over the world. Especially teenagers love to ride bikes. Also, people use motorbikes as a regular personal vehicle. Similarly, it is always adventurous and thrilling. But without safety bike riding can be dangerous. It can damage your bike as well. So that you need to ensure your bike safety as well as your own. But the risk and probability of bike accidents are increasing day by day. It's just for rough riding and lack of safety gear. An accident is always dangerous to you and your family as well. Above all to protect all unexpected injuries and to enjoy a proper bike ride you need to ensure your riding safety with the gears like helmets.