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Brown Casual Shoe for Men by Weinbrenner (Bata) - 8244938৳ 3599
Weinbrenner Sandal for Men by Bata - 8616735৳ 1259
Weinbrenner Velcro Sandal for Men by Bata - 8619719৳ 1439
Weinbrenner Sunbeam Velcro Sandal for Men by Bata - 8616906৳ 1799
Weinbrenner Sunbeam Velcro Sandal for Men by Bata - 8614906৳ 1799
Weinbrenner Sunbeam for Men by Bata - 8616904৳ 1439
Weinbrenner Sunbeam for Men by Bata - 8614904৳ 1439
Weinbrenner Sandal for Men by Bata - 8614735৳ 1259
Singer Velcro Sandal by Weinbrenner (Bata) - 8616721৳ 1619
Weinbrenner Strap Sandal for Men by Bata - 8616956৳ 1799
Weinbrenner Jovetic Strap Sandal for Men by Bata - 8616079৳ 1619
Singer Velcro Sandal by Weinbrenner (Bata) - 8614721৳ 1619
Weinbrenner Strap Sandal for Men by Bata - 8614079৳ 1619
Weinbrenner Matrix Casual Shoe by Bata - 8217919৳ 1979
Weinbrenner Matrix Casual Shoe by Bata - 8216919৳ 1979
Weinbrenner Samurai Outdoor Shoe by Bata - 8217068৳ 2159
Weinbrenner Lace-up Casual Shoe in Brown by Bata - 8214989৳ 2519
Weinbrenner Flyfoam Shoe for Men by Bata - 8216067৳ 2699
Weinbrenner Lace-up Casual Shoe in Black by Bata - 8216923৳ 1979
Weinbrenner Lace-up Casual Shoe in Brown by Bata - 8214923৳ 1979
Weinbrenner Outdoor Shoe for Men by Bata - 8216017৳ 2339
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Weinbrenner Shoes Online in Bangladesh

The Weinbrenner Shoe Company was founded in 1892. The headquarter is situated in Merrill, Wisconsin, United States. A German immigrant and cobbler named Albert H. Weinbrenner founded this shoe company. Later he started his business with one of his partners named Joseph Pfeifer. At first, they only repaired and sold the shoes buy after eight years in 1900, they purchased the Knoll Shoe Company and started to manufacture shoes also. Then the new name of the company became Albert H. Weinbrenner Company.

Gents Shoes and Sandals

At one time, fashion meant only women's fashion. The issue of boys' fashion would remain hidden. Nowadays men as well as women are aware of fashion awareness. Along with other accessories in fashion, boys now prefer comfortable and fashionable sandals and shoes at the same time to bring a variety of fashion. And that is why fashionable shoes or sandals are now looking for youth in shopping.

Although it is comfortable for boys to wear sandal type shoes, it is not possible to wear such shoes everywhere. Shoes in office or formal outfit is a must. In addition, the shoe should be matched with the type of clothing.

Types of Sandal and Shoes

Young people choose sneakers, loafers, sandals, jeans or leather designer shoes at parties or festivals, in the office or in the company of friends. Everyone is watching the new design loafers and boat shoes. The youth are also interested in various designs of fashionable sneakers, moccasins, leather shoes, sandals, casual, slippers. Apart from festivals, there are a lot of colorful shoes for boys in fashion. As before, black, white, and brown are not limited to boys' shoes. Nowadays boys prefer black, white, green, maroon, ash and yellow shoes.

Nowadays, shoe brands have a collection of colorful shoes in addition to the traditional shoes keeping in mind the fashion of the youth. In particular, all the shoe stores have a collection of colorful loafers with various designs and sandals to wear with Punjabi.

Some common types of shoes are given below -


Sneakers are a type of shoe that can easily bring a stylish look. This type of shoe is comfortable to wear throughout the year. Sneakers are perfect for office, party, or hang out with friends. Sneakers can be worn with all dresses like shirts, t-shirts, etc.


Moccasins are also a shoe that will adapt to all types of clothing and give the user a stylish look and comfortable feeling. Made of soft leather, these shoes are available in two ways with and without laces. This type of shoe is suitable for wearing at any time of the year as it can be worn without socks.

Boat Shoes

The sole of these shoes is made of leather or canvas and is made of rubber. Wearing socks during hot weather is quite painful. This type of shoe can be worn to get relief from this pain.


This comfortable shoe goes well with any outfit. This shoe can also be worn all year round. The upper bouts featured two cutaways to get easier access to the higher frets. Very light type and suitable for ventilation, these shoes are quite comfortable to wear.

Walking with Style

Everyone wants to buy the latest fashion shoes that match the outfit. You don't just have to buy shoes, you need to know all kinds of fashion piece tips to become fashionable before and after buying. Here are some tips to help you buy shoes -

  • Keep an eye on what the shoes are made of. The softer the material, the more comfortable it will be to wear. For this, choose shoes made of cotton and leather.
  • Sometimes the sole of the shoe is too stiff, making it difficult to walk. So try to buy shoes with a relatively soft sole.
  • Many people buy fit shoes when buying shoes. It is difficult to wear if it is a little too tight. There is also a fear of tearing the skin of the feet. So find ballerina shoes that are a little bigger.
  • Choose the shoe that matches the foot. Those who have long legs can wear round head shoes. Apart from that, those who have bare feet can wear elongated slim shoes.
  • You can wear round shoes or little square shoes with the shirt. Shoe colors can be black, brown, ash, or light maroon. You can wear light design sandals with Punjabi. Thin sole sandals and sneakers will go well with Punjabi.

Weinbrenner Strap Sandal for Men 

It is a Velcro Strap Sandal. The sandal is for men. The upper material is made from Suede Synthetic and the sole is made from TPR. The color of this sandal is brown. The sandal can be paired with faded jeans or chino pants and a simple t-shirt. 

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