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Weile Headphone WL-955MV, PC Multimedia Headphone৳ 890
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Best Feature of Weile Headphone Brand Online in BD

Weile is a multimedia headphone brand with the best performance of voice transmission technology. Their best trait of headphones reliability, durability, protects against tangling and overlapping. Stylish and high-quality designed headphones are manufactured in several colors and the use of a variety of acoustically or communicative media. WEILE headphone prominently comes with a headset attached Mic to ease online communication and experience best. 

Well-known Technology Acoustic Products 

In this age of information technology, the use of technology products is increasing day by day. By using this product in our daily life, just as we enjoy entertainment, we can also get rid of the monotony of our work. One of the most well-known technology products we use is headphones. In a word, all these headphones surround us with multimedia usage.

Weile Headphone Brand Distinctive Fashion Style

The use of Weile headphones is helpful for all audio-videos, from listening to music to playing games. Headphones are a unique way to listen to any music, conversation, or sound properly despite the annoying noise around you. 

There are various headphones of different technology brands available in the market, some are wired and some are wireless with the distinctive nature of fashion instruments. Weile branded headphones for computer use that can be used to communicate and more activity.

Weile Headphones Function for Phone & Computer Use

In-ear and over-ear headphones differ in size, type, and design, but both functions are similar. Along with the traditional use of headphones and the advancement of technology, various features have been added to the performance. Capable of controlling ambient noise due to the large size of the headphones. 

The sound dice of over-the-ear weile headphones cover the entire ear. As a result, many people find it more comfortable, easy, and effective use for a phone as well as computers. Earphones, on the other hand, are small in size, lightweight, and easy to carry consequently increasing the demand day by day. 

Weile Headphone with Mic

The best headphones are actually headphones with a mic. The best headphones with a mic have good audio quality, and they have in-line controls and a microphone for making calls and here Weile brand presents with 100mw max input power headphones in quality features. It includes a 40mm Φ driver unit, 9.7*6.5mm/58db±2dB microphone 32Ω impedance, 102dB S.P.L at 1KHz sensitivity, response: 20Hz -20,000Hz frequency, 2-3M cord length.

Stereo Gaming Multimedia Headphone of Weile Brand

Earphones and headphones that connect audio devices to connect devices such as smartphones, computers, stereo speakers, televisions, gaming consoles in modern times with advancement technology. Weile brand audio earphones and headphones, combined with a variety of devices, including gaming consoles with variations in functionality, size, or price, with active noise canceling performance that will provide protection against hearing and cerebral problems.

WEILE Headphone WL-955MV for PC 

Brand New good quality weile headphones appeared with good and detailed sound. Due to the high-quality dynamic design features, you can be amused by the powerful and rich sound of your favorite songs without being distracted by background noise or squeaks. Also, it’s compatibility brings out pursuing with laptop and PC. Furthermore, the Weile headphone brand is ideal for skype users.

Use of Weile Headphones with Microphone-equipped

Weile Headphones specially designed microphone-equipped with a wired plug have a different type of connector. An additional ringlet has been added to it - no PC itself is compatible with the socket personal computer headphones and microphones have two separate jacks.

The front panel with an audio connector and USB port is an integral part of any modern computer. Allows you to attach removable media, headphones, or microphones without unnecessary gestures simply. 

Multimedia Headphone of Weile Brand 

Weile brand is Ideal headphones to enjoy music and internet chat (Skype, MSN, etc.) Plug-in standard 3.5mm audio jacks for speaker and microphone. The Weile built-in microphone can be rotated and bent to fit your need, and in-line adjustable volume control mic with low power consumption, plug, and play, adjustable head frame.

Weile WL-806MV Headphones Performance Attributes

Weile stereo headphones brand has special attributes of clear voice transmission. The design performance of the headphones is quite ergonomic, with very soft pillows, which guarantees absolute comfort even with prolonged execution. Fo their sound quality headphone products are good selection models from its price range, as well as possible is suitable for everyday use. 

Weile Super Stereo Bass Earphone WL-942MV

Weile Brand gives the acoustic system specifications of earphones means the design of an earphone. A closed acoustic system prevents outside noise from going out. Impedance refers to the extent to which an electric signal is prevented from flowing in a Yafon circuit. The higher the impedance, the lower the signal, and the lower the sound. WL-942MV model earphone has 2.2K microphone impedance and the microphone sensitivity is -52dB.

Shop for Clear Voice Transmission Weile Headphone from Ajkerdeal

How to buy, where to buy different quality and price headphones are available. If you want, you can order computer accessories-headphone by looking at the pictures and reviews by visiting the organization website. You can order headphones from your convenience world-famous brands.