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Wardah Bangladesh- Where quality comes first

Wardah Bangladesh is a trustworthy and only authentic full-range halal cosmetics in Bangladesh. They are a reliable name in the field of cosmetics. You can prefer Wardah as your daily cosmetics brand without any hesitation. All products are 100% halal and safe and factory-made original products. Nowadays customers prefer quality cosmetics as skincare is very sensitive to them. Undoubtedly, Wardah Bangladesh could be a unique and reliable name to fulfill the demand of cosmetics of final consumers. You can get all the cosmetics of Wardah Bangladesh on at a reasonable price. Here you will get amazing support from the Ajkerdeal team to fulfill your delivered product. is the largest online shopping marketplace in Bangladesh. Nowadays it’s becoming a popular marketplace for both sellers and buyers. Approximately 400000 products are available on ajkerdeal website. You can simply visit and discover every one of your needs under a solitary umbrella. Consistently ajkerdeal adds around 1000 items to our classifications to attract online shoppers in BD. As a local E-commerce performs goodly and tries to develop its service every day.

Value of Wardah

Customers in Muslim majority Bangladesh are more brand conscious and following global trends, especially in cosmetics. According to a report Bangladesh spent 2.5 billion singly on cosmetics. People in this country are very pious and decent in nature buy products within the boundaries of Islam. According to the religious point of view, customers prefer halal cosmetics and here halal means ingredients used in products permissible in Islam. Customers think the Bangladeshi market isn’t fully ready to manufacture halal cosmetics for ultimate customers. In this regard, Wardah can fulfill your demand with 100% halal products. All the products are free from fat and alcohol. Wardah offers over 300 halal items including Serum, Lipstick, Makeup item, Foundation, Face wash, etc.

Types of Products

Wardah Aloe Hydramild Serum

It is one of the finest products of Wardah Halal Cosmetics. This product is made in Indonesia. Aloe Serum is a reliable and favorite product for customers. Ii contains Seaweed Extract and Witch Extract which sums up the cavity. It has to be applied in dry skin. You should follow the guidelines and pour sufficient amounts on the palm of the hand and apply on the face and neck. It will clear all of your dirt and makes your face clean

Wardah Foundation

This is an amazing product and very much famous among girls. It is suitable for oily skin and anyone can use it without any hesitation. It removes black spots and acne scars that smoothen make-up look Not easily faded. Before using it you have to clean your face and keep it moisturized. Wardah Foundation is made in Indonesia.

Wardah Face powder

This is a blend of powder and foundation which is very useful for your sensitive skin. All ingredients applied here are very good for the skin.  It is smooth and durable. Licorice extract is enriched  which makes your face look brighter.  By using it your makeup will look more natural, and you will look younger.  Wardah Face doesn’t damage your skin rather makes it strong. It makes your skin brighter, smoother, and shine-free. This face powder is applicable for all skin and that is the reason for the boom of this product. It contains vitamin E and gives UV protection. This product is made in Indonesia.

Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream

Wardah Matte Lip Cream is an elegant item of Wardah Bangladesh. It increases the intensity of lip and makes your lip attractive and perfect.  The color binding content Pigments of this cream provides matte finish intense durability. This Matte Loi Cream is made in Indonesia.

Wardah  Compact Powder

Wardah compact powder is much popular among young girls. You will be glad to know that it's completely reliable and safe for your skin.

It's suitable for smoother skin. It contains Micronized Powder and Oil Control for oil-free face results. It has four colors. Before using it you have to know how to use it. You must use this after applying moisturizer and foundation. Apply softly with a sponge to face and neck skin downward toward face fuzz. This product is also made in Indonesia.

Price on Ajkerdeal

In you can easily buy  Wardah products at MRP price. According to our customer review, you can get a clear idea of how we are becoming the market leader because of our low price rate. Rather than other marketplaces, you can get it at a reasonable price.


Wardah Halal Bangladesh is the name of integrity and trust. If you want to order this superbrand you have to select Ajkerdeal. Ajkerdeal believes in customer loyalty and provides the best customer service in Bangladesh. If you prefer the best online shopping obviously you have to select Looking forward to your happy shopping.