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Original ViewSonic Products in Bangladesh

One of the basic parts of any device is a monitor or a display. So, while you are looking for the best monitor for your device you should choose it wisely. Especially when you are looking for a monitor for special purposes like video editing, gaming and so on. Even you need to choose carefully your home theater display to watch sports or movies more excitingly. Otherwise, it can ruin your mental happiness and as well as your eyesight badly. You also can’t exceed your budget limit. Right? So, you have to find a suitable one that meets your needs and within your budget limit. In this case, ViewSonic can be your best budgetary monitor to fulfill your utmost needs.  

Before we approach, let's know a bit about the brand ViewSonic. Later we will know why ViewSonic will be a perfect choice for you and where you can get a ViewSonic product and how much it can cost you

About the ViewSonic Brand

ViewSonic is a multinational electronics company with an origin in the US. You might wonder that a company like this has quite a big research and development center in Taiwan. 

They have been doing their good business for 33 years since 1987. ViewSonic achieved their specialty in visual technology in the electronic industry. They are a pioneer for LCD (Liquid- Crystal Displays) and projectors. They not only developed interactive whiteboards but also digital whiteboard software for the end-users. 

ViewSonic serves with three types of solutions in the industry. They mainly serve Education, Enterprise, and Entertainment. Just for your information that this private company generates almost $1 billion annually by selling their products worldwide. That is approximately 8,445 million in Bangladeshi Taka.  

Products of ViewSonic

As a multinational Brand, ViewSonic has lots of product lines in various categories. As we mentioned earlier, they services Education, Enterprise and Entertainment service in the industry. They have basic 4 types of product lines like Monitor, Projects, View Board and Digital Displays.










Large Venue


Pro AV


Home Theater

Interactive Display


Elite Gaming

Conference Room

Chromebox & Slot-in PC


This ViewSonic produces gaming monitors to a media device display also various types of projectors for classroom and digital display boards alongside home theaters for A to Z Customers. 

Where You Can Find ViewSonic Products in Bangladesh?

With worldwide acceptance and positive customer satisfaction, ViewSonic owns a solid market share in Bangladeshi electronic markets. They are still in a good position along with superior brands like SAMSUNG, HP, MSI, DELL, LG, PHILIPS, ACER, ASUS, BENQ, ESONIC, GIGABYTE, AOC, etc.

ViewSonic products are available and easy to find in any local electronic store. So, it’s better to search in your nearest computer shop or electronic store to find a ViewSonic product for your uses. Besides that, you also search for online stores to find the best one based on your specific requirements. Here you can also check the price and the specification either it matches your budget and needs. can be such an online store to search and buy your ideal ViewSonic monitors without any hassle. provides various discounts and home delivery as well so that you can get your product easily without any hassle.  

ViewSonic Product Available on

You can find almost every product that is available in Bangladesh by ViewSonic. Here are some ViewSonic products available on 

ViewSonic Widescreen Monitor

Wide Screen monitors are perfect for any general purpose. You can perform your regular task or either play a game or enjoy movies on your widescreen monitor. It's way more relaxing to enjoy a widescreen. While a square monitor can put some pressure on your view.

ViewSonic Projectors

Projectors are ideal to enlarge your monitor for a large number of audiences. Nowadays you can’t imagine a classroom or a conference room without a handy projector. You can find almost all types of ViewSonic Projects on by searching with the model if you are looking for any specific one.

ViewSonic Ultra Slim LED

Ultra Slim LED monitors are just perfect for your computer. If you are a graphics designer or a gamer you need to use a high-end monitor unless you can miss the required regulation. While in games you might drop the frame rates due to low regulation and lead you to dissatisfaction. Even if you are running with a high specification PC a bad monitor with low resolution can ruin your good setup. You can also use your LED monitor as a Tv monitor or enjoy sports using a TV card for the high-end resolution.  

How Much ViewSonic Can Cost for Monitors & Projectors?

With a lot of variation and price range, you can choose the best one from

You can buy a normal widescreen monitor within 5,000 Taka.

While Ultra Slim LED monitors price starts from 10,000Taka.

You can also find high-end quality projectors within the range of 30,000Taka for classroom or office conference use.

Pricing of any product is tough and can vary based on various factors. You can compare and Why Should You Use ViewSonic?

Consider these 5 factors that are influential for all to start using ViewSonic products within the budget limit. 

  1. Worldwide brand value
  2. Ideal for regular rough use
  3. ViewSonic is cost-effective
  4. Available parts and easy to repair

Best Quality and customer satisfaction match. It also varies depending on pricing policies, discount rates, offers, and promotional purposes.  


Monitors are the basic and essential part of any electronic device. So, you should use the best quality to get the best output from your device. It’s nothing to explain the importance of a high-resolution display interface for the graphics designers and gamers as well. At the same time, you need to think about your budget also. Considering all the factors and performance ViewSonic can be an ideal brand for your daily use. You can choose this brand for your home or office rather than using a non-branded product for your work. Hopefully, ViewSonic will ensure your mental satisfaction as perfectly as they are maintaining their goodwills for decades.