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Victor-R Motorcycle at best price in BD

In the world of motorcycles, the Victor-R has placed a special place among motorcycle lovers. It is one of the ancient motorcycles. Most of the models of this motorcycle are very lightweight and are very easy to operate. Some of the popular models of Victor-R motorcycles in Bangladesh are - Victor-R V-80 Express, Victor-R Classic 100, Victor-R Cafe Racer 125, etc.

A motorcycle is a quite common vehicle now in Bangladesh. Due to its easy use, taking a few spaces, can speed-up quickly and other comfortably make it popular among the people. People of all ages now using motorcycles to avoid traffic jams and save their time. A motorcycle is generally a two-wheeler, but it can be a three-wheeler also. It is generally propelled by an internal combustion engine.

Victor-R History

People were trying to create a motorcycle since the starting of the 17th century. Finally, the invention of the motorcycle created the self-propelled bicycle. The first commercial design of a motorcycle was a three-wheeler. In 1884, it was built by Edward Butler in Great Britain. This motorcycle was contained a single-cylinder gasoline engine and it was mounted between two steerable front wheels and connected by a drive chain to the rear wheel.

By the year 1900, many manufacturers were trying to convert bicycles into pedal cycles. They were sometimes called spark-ignition engines that were centrally mounted. The trial test was needed to check the motorcycles for reliable constructions. There were competitions

between the motorcycle manufacturers companies. The first Tourist Trophy motorcycle races were held in 1907. That time there were many new ideas that were invented, such as carbon-fiber-reinforced bodywork, early two-stroke-cycle designs to supercharged, multivalve engines mounted on aerodynamic, and many more.

Components of A Motorcycle

A motorcycle is a little complicated vehicle. Generally, they are produced with both two-stroke and four-stroke-cycle engines and with up to four cylinders. Most of them are air-cooled, and a few are water-cooled. The smallest designs that are known as mopeds from ‘motor pedal’, have very small engines, 50 ccs with fuel economies of as much as 2.4 liters per 100 kilometers. Engines are generally limited to the displacements of about 1,800 cc.  Such units are not permitted on limited-access public roads because they had a low-speed capability. The five other classifications of motorcycles are trail bikes, road bikes, child bikes, touring bikes, and racing bikes depending on increasing power capacity and engine displacements. A superbike is a subcategory of racing bikes. These motorcycles displace more than 900 ccs. Here, the seat is tilted forward so that the rider is hunched over the frame and can create a more aerodynamic profile.

The Body of A Motorcycle

The motorcycle frame is often made of steel. It is sometimes a combination of sheets and tubes. The wheels are generally added with aluminum or steel rims with spokes. Sometimes cast wheels are used also. Because of the high strength characteristics, composite, graphite, and magnesium parts are often used. Tires are smaller and rounded to permit leaning to lower the center of gravity in a turn without losing any traction. The gyroscopic effect of motorcycle wheels when rotating at a high speed successfully improves stability and cornering ability of it. Steering geometry and inertia are also played an important role while driving. The front-wheel suspension is provided by coil springs on a telescopic fork. The spring of the rear-wheel is often mounted on shock absorbers. It is also used in automobiles.

The clutch and throttle both jointly control engine speed. They are operated by twist-type controls on the handgrips. The front-wheel brake of a motorcycle is controlled by a lever that is placed near the handgrip. The rear-wheel brake is connected with a foot pedal. The front brake is usually of the hydraulic disc typed and the rear brake may be a disc or drum. Nowadays, the kick starter has been replacing by an electric push-button starter.


Wearing a helmet is a must with a motorcycle. The primary goal of a motorcycle helmet is to ensure the safety of the biker. A helmet protects the rider's head during a ride, thus prevents head injury and saves the rider's life. Some helmets provide extra facilities, such as face shields, ventilation, ear protection, intercom, etc. That’s why, while riding, a helmet should be worn to save the biker and passenger both’s health.